RE: Fix your attitude and your pocket , Shatta Wale

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Wed, 30 Jun 2021 Source: Adjei Boakye

Dear Charles Nii Armah Mensah (Shatawale),

Good afternoon from this side of the country. I nearly fell from my sickbed when I saw that misguided posts of yours on Twitter.

I thought your account has been hacked until I came across similar posts on your Facebook wall. When will you stop this kinda childish attitude?

Ghana doesn't belong to the privileged few which unfortunately you fall within. You having cash is my back case but that doesn't mean you should spew "nonsense".

Yes... Currently fixing ourselves, but that doesn't mean the country is above fixing. Let's fix the country together. There are a lot of problems that need to be fixed, and God being so good, you are part of the package.

Will urge the teeming youth of this country to fix ourselves by unfollowing you on all your social media handles. You have added nothing to our lives! Can you tell us the number of jobs you have created for your followers?

Fix your arrogance! Fix the diseased industry for us. Arnold Asamoah - Baidoo was right, you have added nothing to the industry and you are not growing too as expected.

Nii, your thinking capacity is questionable. I can only see a total exhibition of ignorance and cerebral limitations.

What a jaundiced piece from your end! You are just an over-hyped artiste in this village. Up your game!

Braa Charles, use your voice to impact positively. Let this be part of your blessings. If you won't, don't use that platform to insult the gallant men and women who would.

May God heal you.

Columnist: Adjei Boakye
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