Opinions Sat, 10 Nov 2012

Rawlings And The National Democratic Party - NDP

I totally disagree with newspaper reports that Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings has crashed out of the Presidential race because her representatives arrived late at the premises of the Electoral Commission. It is a lie. The stubborn truth is that God in his wisdom does not want the NDC to go back to opposition because of the bitterness of the Rawlingses against the late President Mills’ government, and whatever good policies it is implementing since 2009 to date.

The main TARGET was Prez. Mills, now he is gone and will never return to Ghana, so what again? God listened to the prayers and cries of the remaining surviving cadres including this writer who were used and DUMPED like scrap metals by the Rawlingses from 1982 – 2000. By meeting with the NPP flag bearer, the Rawlingses are playing with FIRE if they don’t know. Therefore, if the Rawlingses has such a HUGE WAR CHEST to be used in forming a new political party, why didn’t they think of the FALLEN CADRES during the extreme sacrificial revolution that was launched on 31st December 1981 if they don’t cater for the cadres then they have no moral right to describe people as greedy bastards. The Rawlingses must rather give SHELTER to the remaining surviving cadres plus TRACTORS to go into farming to feed the nation, period never again shall we be mis-used.

1. Why won’t they think of the orphans, the widows, the neglected surviving cadres including this writer as well as the widowers whose loved ones died in action between 1982 and 1992 and decide to form a political party?

Frankly speaking, the Rawlingses, MUST KNOW THAT IT WAS THE CADRES that they have neglected since 1982 to date who made them what they are today 2012 and not they-themselves. After dumping the cadres, do they think cadres would have sacrificed once again by throwing their weights behind them in the NDP? Yesterday, it was Prez. Mills whom Rawlings imposed on the NDC by force in 1996 at Agona Swedru and chased several cadres including this writer with Military Intelligence Operatives, BNI operatives National Investigation Committee Members and intimidated his ministers of state as well as DCE’s in his fight with members of the Reform Movement including this writer to fall in line in his bid to imposed the late professor on the NDC.

Today, 2012, he (Rawlings) is imposing his wife as a Presidential Candidate after causing her humiliating defeat through bad mouthing the late Prez. Mills.

Those cadres who were arrested were simply dumped in Military guard rooms BNI cells, and police cells for opposing the imposition of Mills as the NDC Presidential Candidate BY FORCE. Yet when your chosen candidate Mills finally won the elections in 2009, Rawlings never gave him a breathing space at all until the suddenly died. Now is Prez-Mahama also the same as Mills.’ Have you changed John Dramani Mahama’s name to John Evans Atta Mills Number 2 or what are you trying to tell Ghanaians and the international community today 2012? You people taught me “Positive Defiance so I will heat your “Nyass” and you see. In just 2½ months of John Mahama’s administration, what offence has he committed to warrant Rawlings to invite that hot headed short man leading the NPP to ask him questions like. If he becomes the next president whether he will maltreat NDC members or not? If he becomes President by default through your assistance and NDC members are maltreated, we will rather blame the Rawlingses and not Nana Akuffo Addo. You, Rawlings would rather be put under House Arrest indefinitely because you will never shut up, but condemn Nana Akuffo too of corruption like you have been doing all along, but when you do that, Nana Akuffo Addo will re-act by placing you under house arrest for donkey years and several Ghanaians will jubilate including this writer if you don’t know, you try to undermine John Mahama and we all see. You mark words.

I mean, what is really happening, and what are the Rawlingses up to ? Are they up to destroy the very party we sacrificed so hard to build for the past 20 years? Despite Rawlings threats in 1996, the Reform Boys including this writer managed to outwit him and brought the NDC to its knees in 2000 and we caused 15 arrogant Members of Parliament to lose their seats to let them know that without the support of the people, they are nothing before a decimal point.

We shall do a very serious campaign to ensure a one touch victory for John Mahama and his vice who are cadres, so if the Rawlingses should undermine them, now that the NDP is no more, it means they hate the cadres who made them what they are today 2012. Rawlings is happily riding on the back of a fierce hungry lion which will devour him first, if it succeeds. Anyway, Rawlings is now fat unlike the revolutionary years when he was a slender but fiery young Air Force Pilot between 1979 – 1982.


Does Rawlings think he can revolutionize the NDC if he refuse to actively campaign for President Mahama to win the election in 2012? Does he think he can revolutionize the NDC as he wants if he plays tricks with the party for Nana Akuffo Addo to win the 2012 elections? God forbid. Why is he now telling Ghanaians indirectly to vote for the NPP because Nana Akuffo Addo can also be a president because he is a Ghanaian? If the in-evitable happens according to Rawlings, he will rather re-organize the NDP where his wife is the Flagbearer, but not the NDC since IT WILL CEASE TO EXIST because all of us would go back go our mother party, notably the Great CPP since 90% of the cadres including his writer came from the CPP family. Rawlings should be aware of that since he now prefer the 70 year OLD EVIL DWARF of the NPP to the dynamic and affable BABY FACED President Mahama. On greedy bastards, Rawlings is their Leader since he launched an extreme sacrificial revolution from 1982 – 1992 and told cadres to TAKE THE REVOLUTION while THEY TOOK THE MONEY. He and his PNDC appointees actually took the monies by paying themselves huge ex-gratia awards leaving the cadres penniless.

Was that not UNPRECEDENTED GREED? On Babies with sharp teeth, Rawlings would have been the first person to bite people with his sharp teeth if he were to be in the shoes of those with sharp teeth. Who will sit down unconcerned for people to always insult their boss?

He spoke about rotten planks across the bridge which makes it impossible for people to cross, it is true, I agree with him BUT he must stay in the NDC and campaign for President Mahama’s victory in 2012 to enable us remove those rotten planks from the bridge.

He spoke of some of the Evil Dwarfs in the party who President Mahama should chase out and yet he (Rawlings) wants a 70 year Old Evil Dwarf from the camp of the NPP to be the next President of Ghana by even giving him audience in his Ridge residence. In fact what is Rawlings really up to? He is now very unpredictable, very inconsistent, very prophetic, very uncomfortable and bitter, and if he is in this mood, what does he expect the cadres who made him what he is today to also do. I beg to ask? Frankly speaking the Rawlingses are now behaving like pampered Kuwaiti Children bred by RICH OIL BARONS who now pretend that they care for the ordinary man in the street. This is false they are fast becoming CAPITALISTS and they have to change or we (the cadres) whom they used and dumped without any pesewa will deal with them with our pens and mouths in a manner determined by the undying spirit of June 4 and the 31st December revolutions. After all, who born dog? Dear reader, Never mind, for it was the Rawlingses who taught me so, right from the June 4 era in 1979 to 2012, thousands of cadres including this writer are penniless and our parents have being describing cadres as FOOLS since that era to date. I wrote this article in a bush village after I returned from a campaign to canvass votes for Prez. Mahama- about 30 miles outside Obuasi. A man was holding a torchlight over me while I drafted the articles.

I am appealing to all Ghanaians to allow the cadres to handle the Rawlignses since we know them far better.


He is the NDC Founder but he also support both the NPP and his wife’s NDP, what a confused Former Revolutionary Leader! Rawlings is now an International Joker par excellence. Don’t he know that some die hard members of the NDC has already DIED OF SHOCK through his STRANGE SUPPORT for his wife’s party

1. Several Traditional rulers visited the Rawlingses to patch up with the Late Mills. They said no.

2. Individual groups visited them on the same issue. They said No.

Cadres including this writer visited them on the same issue. They said No. Therefore if your Mother (Mills) was not giving you food, will you prefer your mother’s rival Nana Akuffo Addo to take over and give you the food after you told your Father to divorce Mills. Now that God has spoken through the E/C and the NDP has crashed out, well meaning Ghanaians and cadres are watching the next move of the Rawlingses with Eagle Eyes to prevent their UNHOLY MARRIAGE with the tribal bigots in the NPP. The Rawlingses are GEMS that must be preserved at all cost. However, we would never allow the Rawlingses to cause the defeat of Prez. Mahama simply because he is a NORTHERNER from a Minority tribe in Ghana who is not fit to be the President of Ghana. I say” Tikun saki – to wit, we won’t agree. Coming up soon; what the ASANTES said after Nana Konadu’s NDP was launched in Kumasi, you keep your fingers crossed, this writer will blow you the very interesting stuff. Stay tuned. I shall return when the need arise. “Jaanbie Iwaii” Aluta Continua!
Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement