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Rawlings, NDC Will Collapse And Turn Into CPP

Jerry Rawlings, NDC Will Collapse And Turn Into Cpp If You Bring Down Mills In 2012.

“Former President Rawlings is reported to have stated that the Mills led government is fast speeding the country into an abyss, and therefore requiring an urgent spiritual intervention, especially against the backdrop of the approaching Easter”

He added, when you find yourself in an un-intended pit or hole, the wise thing to do is to stop digging, it does not appear the Mills government is able to see the growing darkness around them. He went on to state that Mills was not interested in benefiting from the fruit of truth. I see, this is a very damming explosive Boom speech, which could not even come from the mouth of our political opponents in the NPP. This is very unfortunate. The abrasive form in which Rawlings’ speech has taken means that the true state of the Party that was presented to the sitting President by Dr. Kwabena Agyei in a letter dated January 10th 2012 is yet to be considered or left to gather dust. I am only interested in the 3 statements made against the sitting President by Jerry Rawlings.

1. No amount of prayers during the Easter festivities can ever stop the country from being driven into an abyss by Mills if the two of you Fail to UNITE by putting the past behind you, and ensure that Mills win the 2012 election first. Rawlings has the ability to stop Mills from driving the country into an alleged abyss through UNITY because he put him there as far back as 1996, God unites those who yearn for Unity and divides those who want Division, so God will never unite people who are always on each others throats since, 2009.

2. If Mills have found himself into a pit and will not stop digging, Rawlings must go and seize the shovels and pick axes from him to prevent him from sinking further, that is the wise thing for Rawlings to do rather than condemning Mills because he is the Founder of the Party and political mentor of the occupant of the Castle, the seat of government in Ghana.

3. According to Rawlings, Prez. Mills is not interested in benefitting from the truth, and does not see the growing darkness around him, Rawlings must brighten the atmosphere and tell Mills the truth because he (Rawlings) is now part of the DARKNESS, in his capacity as the FOUNDER OF THE PARTY and he stands to gain FAR BETER if Mills win in 2012 than some of us (cadres) who he used since 1982 and DUMPED after 19 years in power and thousands of cadres died as paupers. Does Rawlings believe that the remaining surviving cadres would throw their weight behind him for the 8th time again if he brings down the Mills government in December 2012? The NPP leadership are beaming with smiles towards Rawlings, whenever he blasts Prez. Mills – He must be ver,very careful for he will become the No. 1 target of Nana Akuffo Addo if he win the 2012 general elections – God forbid, what Ex – Prez- Kufour failed to do with Rawlings by putting Nana Konadu on trials for 8 years, Nana Akuffo Addo will complete in just 3 months when he wins powe,r and with an NPP majority in parliament, they will REMOVE the TRANSITIONAL PROVISIONS enshrined in the 1992 constitution that protects you (Rawlings) and hang you – one touch, and nobody in Ghana will cough. You are driving a deadly tall Nail in the coffin of the great NDC if you don’t know – Mills will be called a former President like you if you cause his down fall – and no cadre worth his salt will like to follow you again – I mean, not even this writer – is that clear? If our friends in the Security Services were allowed to dabble in party politics, you would have heard their sharp re-actions towards this risky feud between Mills and Rawlings.


What cadres could not do during the PNDC era from 1982 – 1992 was to turn Man into a Woman and vice versa: Cast your minds back to the formation of the Reform Movement in 1999, you, Rawlings used the big stick and was able to RAM THE FEAR OF SACK down the throats of pro-reformits who might be holding key positions in government (2) You released some fierce looking Military Intelligence (MI) chaps on the Reform Cadres including this writer who narrowly eluded them any way. Those who were picked up were dumped in Military guardrooms and BNI cells indefinitely JUST BECAUSE OF MILLS who you single handed nominated at the Swedru Declaration, after earlier telling cadres that Goosie Tannoh will take over from you incase of ANY EVENTUALITY – so why now? When the Reformists struck, juicy ambassadorial appointments were being offered to some cadres, but they turn down those appointments in 1999. So all these vacancies were there and yet Rawlings failed to offer cadres that opportunity.

To be brutally Frank, cadres opposed Mills candidature because he is a lawyer and a Law Professor and by extention a Learned Member of the Ghana Bar Association (GBA) whose entire members described cadres from 1982 – 1992 as Riff raffs, people who have no destiny in life – The never – do – wells in society, that cadres were “Pigs, Dogs, and Cats” in referece to the PDC’S, and “Cats, Dogs, and Rats” when the PDC’S were renamed C.D.R’S in September 1984 by Rawlings. Why should you continue to condemn, blast and describe the very law professor who you praised to the High Heavens since 1996 to 20008 and suddenly turn round to behave as if you have never seen or even known Mills anywhere in Ghana? We told you so in 1996, but you refused to listen and rather chased cadres into the bush through your Security Operatives who arrested scores of some weak cadres and dumped them in their stinking unventilated- cells across the country, so if Mills is now paying you back in your own coin, you rightly deserve it so much. You must therefore stop shedding crocodile tears since you are reaping the bitter truth of democratic dictatorship.

We cannot allow you to be condemning Mills like that in this election year at all because he is the Presidential Candidate of the ruling NDC who was elected by some 3, 200 delegates, so whether that election was “RIGGED” by Mills or not, you must re-adjust yourself with the current democratic dispensation or have yourself completely isolated by your own cadres including this writer. If you cause the downfall of Mills – the NDC will rather join form the disintegrated CPP from which 90% of the cadres including this writer came from and NDC will eventually cease to exist. Is that clear?


There is a big problem between the Party, its Leader the party Founder since 2009 to date already. This has generated arguments and uncalled for heated debates that do not augur well for election 2012 at all. In my opinion, as a cadre, the timing of the action by NEC has serious implications for the NDC as far as party unity is concerned around this time. Several people in and outside the NDC have started reading different Meanings with Mr. Adams’ suspention.

The NDC should have been talking about its achievements for the past 3 years and what it will do for Ghanaians under the able leadership of Prez. Mills before the December polls and not concentrating on the suspension of its Deputy General Secretary because there are hundreds of in disciplined Constitutuency Executives nation wide who should have been disciplined through suspensions for the past 3 years but they are left off the hook and they are fooling about and further engaging in vilifications, character assassinations against innocent party members and cadres. No matter what, Kofi Adams commands thousands of supporters in the NDC because of his links with Jerry Rawlings, so he must not be under rated at all in the NDC. His suspension has further deepened the cracks in the NDC since 2009. Those whose main agenda it is to malign or destroy the remaining surviving cadres in the NDC through vilifications, character assassinations as well as false allegations are advised to put a fullstop to their divisive activities or have themselves to blame because cadres will surely fight back and rather make them very transparent for all Ghanaians to see who they really are.

Every NDC member led by Prez. Mills who is the Leader of the great NDC is a Rawlings Boy with Mills being the No.1 Rawling Boy,so why now? In conclusion, Jerry Rawlings must be fully prepared to swallow his bitterness and anger and mount the NDC platform to campaign for Mills for total victory in 2012, no matter what. Mills must beat Nana Akuffo Addo at all cost in 2012 and damn the consequences. We must unite to win the 2012 election first, and then start fighting while in government and not to fight during this election year and get the party to opposition.

If Prez. Mills fails to deliver, Ghanaians must rather blame Rawlings because he is the one who chose him as the most honest man in Ghana at Agona Swedru in 1996, so he must stop attacking his government and get involved to enable Mills handover in 2017 to another NDC Presidential candidate at all cost.


Our political opponents in the NPP are well organized and they are firing the ruling NDC government from all angles since the President was inaugurated on 7th Jan. 2009 in order to win the elections in 2012. On the other hand, the NDC has being firing its guns from all angles against itself from 2009 to date, and is preparing to go into the elections on a divided front hoping to retain power in 2012.

Will this ever be possible?

1. Those who caused the defeat of the NDC in 2000 and 2004 have returned to the NDC after its victory in 2009 and are well placed.

2. Those former NDC members including some LAZY CADRES who abandoned the NDC and vanished into thin air for 8 years have returned to the NDC and are well placed.

3. All those who sat on the fence for 8 solid years have all returned to the party and the above group of people are the professional villificators, character assassinators, fifth columnists and confusionists who have been knocking the heads of Rawlings and Mills together. As if that is not enough, all those who worked so hard day and night to return the NDC to power have been sidelined completely and treated as traitors- subversionists, criminals and destructive elements in the NDC – how sad.

As the cracks in the NDC deepen on a daily basis, the leadership of the NDC has been playing the ostrich by denying that there are no cracks in the NDC at all. Are we serious as a ruling political party which is now 20 years old? On this note, I can predicts that the NDC is rather desperate to return to opposition where it does not belong.

Those who behave that way are promoting gross INJUSTICE which the NDC kicks against since its inception in 1992. They must know that gone are the days when Monkeys work for Baboons to chop and relax without a single sweat dropping from their faces.

Has the TRUTH now gone to the dogs from a Party, that was born out of a REVOLUTION? Jesus Christ! We live to see. You keep your fingers crossed, I shall return on this very subject soon.

Is anybody listening? I am done. “Jaanbie Iwaii” Aluta continua!







Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement