Opinions Sat, 14 Nov 2020

Rawlings never dies, he lives on

He was a great figure, a mentor and a real Ghanaian. He stands for many legacies. J.J. as many refer to him made Ghana stronger and stronger when he allowed democracy to lead in Ghana’s political ambition. Personally, this man, my father from a distance, has been my mentor. Ghanaians have lost a great figure whose image won’t fade from their minds.

He worked as an ordinary labourer without a certificate. He jumped into our gutter and drained the water out. He joined in the construction of rails. He lifted the wood for the rail way construction. He was a laborer unlike the “Dada Bs“ presidents we have got of late; they will want to steal from the nation’s pocket. The Dada Bs presidents loved to parade themselves with a long cue of vehicles. They love to appoint people like them into offices. They love to sack people who don’t think inline with them. Labourer Ghana had is no more.

Who will serve the interest of anti-corruption with the demise of J J? He attacked corrupt people and for this many never liked him. Will Ghanaians have that unique voice always telling them of their corrupt lives? Whom will Ghanaians be afraid of again when the only man, the gift Ghana had after Nkrumah who speaks the truth and nothing but the truth is dead?

John Jerry Rawlings is a political legend. A great Machiavellian has faded from this earth. He was a man who didn’t waste time prosecuting wrongdoers. Slaughtering corrupt people even when there were within his circles showed that he really loved his country. He was a man who chastised those in his party who went wayward.

I love this man. He is just truthful, a fearless man, a man born to make things better. He is a utility person. May you live on John. Rest in Peace.

Columnist: Emmanuel Graham Nyameke
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