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Re-The June 4 Balderdash!

Commenting on the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the June 4 Uprising in 1979, an innocent columnist described the event as “The June 4 Balderdash” which means” The June 4 Nonsense. See Daily Guide” June 9, 2014. This bloke was not ashamed to tell Ghanaians that he was only six (6) YEARS OLD when June Four took place and that he rather heard “vivid accounts” from eye witnesses and the Actors themselves and it pointed to the fact that it was a bloody revolution. Fair enough. Now, here is somebody who was only Six (6) YEARS OF AGE when June Four took place, but was able to draw a conclusion by describing that patriotic Event in 1979 as balderdash as if he was old enough to witness it. How can you write articles based on hearsay and expect people to believe such balderdash? Let me remind that bloke and all those who think like him that the days and years of gnashing of teeth, pain and blood letting when vampires and tribal warlords on war path descended on this country to gleefully slaughter innocent men, women and children and feast on their flesh took place during the infamous Ethnic Cleansing which took place in Kumasi and Kyebi in 1951, 1954, and 1956 when the dreaded National Liberation Movement – NLM with “Mate-Meho” as its local name lost all the above general elections conducted by our British colonial masters to Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s well organized grassroot CPP. The blood of innocent Ghanaians flowed freely in the Ashanti and Eastern Regions. Thousands had lost their Fathers, mothers, sisters, Brothers, Uncles Nephews, Nieces and several members of their extended families in this country and FEAR BECAME THE ORDER OF THE DAY in those Hellish years when the NLM which later became the United Party members feasted on human flesh and drank human blood to show their BRAVERY while fighting on a NARROW TRIBAL FRONT FOR A FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF ASANTE WHICH FAILED. I don’t normally do politics with KIDS like that innocent columnist of the Daily Guide” who gave his pen name as Agya Kwaku Ogboro- I rather pity him for his ignorance but His Excellency Jerry John Rawlings – The World President is far better than the Executed Generals namely General F.W.K. Akuffo. Col. I.K. Acheampong, Brigadier A.A. Afrifa Air Vice Marshal Boakye, Roger Felli, Major Gen. Utuka Amedume, Major Gen. Odartey Wellington, Col Enningful etc. but for June four, Rawlings would have rather been executed but God for bid.

Almighty God delivered Rawlings from the hands of the satanic military Regime in June 1979 because He was a Saint and still a Saint who was prepared to die for the masses.


Before the June Four Uprising, 98% of Ghanaian businessman and women flatly refused to pay their taxes to the state with impunity and Ghana became a laughing stock in the eyes of the international community.

However when the Volcanic Eruption succeeded on June 4. 1979, thousands of Tax Dodgers rushed to pay all their tax arrears in full when a single announcement was made through Radio and T.V. by the AFRC Government. Ghana was ruled by an Oligarchy after the violent over throw of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and they made sure that the great CPP and its integral wings were banned for 10years after their selfish interest coup de’tat on 24th Feb. 1966. Please give us a Break. This political intimidation and Exclusion was lifted from the heads of all Nkrumalists by the PNDC government that returned the country to civilian rule in 1993. Those who complain that the June Four celebration always evoke pains and anguish must be told in plain language that whenever the Name NPP is mentioned, that name also evokes more pain and Anguish because the dreaded NLM – or “Mate-meho” and later the United Party (UP) which the NPP represent today 2014, changed the destinies of several men, women and children in this country negatively and they swam in blood for three (3) solid years namely 1951, 1954 and 1956 and beyond. Yes, Every cut throat always fear to lie flat on his back. If any thing at all, the AFRC government lasted for only One Hundred and twelve days (112) before handing over to Dr. Hilla Limann who was a dyed in the wool member of the United Party, hence his inability to govern the country when Rawlings handed over power voluntarily to him on 24th Sept. 1979 and he had to go and he did went, so what are some kids talking ignorantly about?. If anything at all, the forebears of the NPP namely the National Liberation Movement, (NLM) which later became the United Party spilled more innocent blood and also slaughtered fellow Ghanaians more than any other political party or military government in Ghana so when the NPP is mentioned, we remember Blood Shed and tribablism which can not be combine to govern the country peacefully devoid of injustice, Discrimination, Nepotism, Peace and Fairness. So Mr. Agya Kwaku Ogboro- Come Again and I will give you more free education, Plus Free History of Ghana for People to respect you. Is that clear?


Clement Sangaparee

United Cadres Front



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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement