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Re-undeserved plaudits et al-You are not the president of Ghana

The Daily Guide Editor is not happy with the behavior of President Akuffo Addo for showering plaudits on former president John Mahama for conceding defeat on 8th December 2016 after the general elections last year. According to the Editor, each time the president is delivering a speech in a public function, he has tried to sooth the pain of his predecessor who is still smarting from the electoral defeat he was too sure to win. That was a divisive editorial by Mr. Fortune Alimi, editor of the “Daily Guide” on Wednesday January 18th 2017. You see good Journalists always write to unite the country and not to divide it, as u have been doing.

We haven’t forgotten the mental torture we went through as we waited for both former president Mahama to concede defeat and the Electoral chair person, Charlote Osei to declare the winner of the general election – Fortune Alimi added in his bias and divisive editorial. So, is it bad for president Akuffo Addo to always shower plandits on former president Mahama for conceding defeat in December 2016? To this, the furious editor had this to say: How could president Mahama with hold such a crucial concession indefinitely, as the political temperature inched towards boiling point and WHEN THE GENERALS TELL YOU THAT TIME WAS UP? Who are those Generals, I beg to ask?

Since when did the NPP ever concede defeat from 1992 to 2012 in these country?

UNDESERVED PLAUDITS are showed upon the former president in president Akuffo Addo’s quest to accord ample deference to his predecessor, oh! I see. You are NOT the president of Ghana, and can never be the president of Ghana. To day 2017, president Akuffo Addo is the president for ALL GHANAIANS UNLESS YOU TELL ME THAT HE IS A PRESIDENT OF NPP FOR NPP ALONE TODAY HE IS THE PROPERTY OF THE STATE AND NOT YOUR PROPERTY, IS THAT CLEAR?

You must use the pages of your newspaper to unite the country and NOT, repeat NOT sow seeds of discord or divide the country. Your divisive editorial was most unfortunate. The NDC has got over four Million supporters nationwide and it is now the self appointed largest opposition party in Ghana and you know it, but you are playing the OSTRICTT, and this will never help you. We know how to run, But time is not yet up that is why. It is very unfortunate that the terrible dilemma of most Ghanaian intellectuals including Mr. Fortune is that their brains are choked with Foreign values making them more westernized than the Westerners themselves and that group of intellectuals are the present people now in government – the violent prone tribal government of the NPP that lied their way to power on 7th December, 2016.

In the NPP camp, every liar, thief, smuggler, murderer, drug baron, is a successful business man and a patriot. What the papers say is assumed to be true. A truer position is that the media have a mind of its own, either the proprietors or editorial which would not normally differ from the PROPRIETERS since he determines the good stooge and boot licker who will be the editor.

We now have scores of semi-literates, apprentice mechanics, trukpushers and driver mates parading as journalist in the private media who always turn blind eyes and plug their long ears and see nothing wrong with the ruling NPP government whenever they (NPP) win elections since 2001-2008-and now 2017. We have people including the editor who are not even qualified enough to polish the shoes of Prez. Mahama and his ministers, but such characters insult them always.

A dishonest press to which the TRUTH is unknown and whose main occupation is the fabrication and propaganda of irresponsible and libelous information is a very serious liability to any country and your “Daily Guide” is one such paper. Most Ghanaians have voted for change of government, but it cannot change the attitude of those Ghanaians by simply telling them that the economy is very weak under John Mahama’s presidency – FIX IT- IF THAT IS TRUE and stop breaking our ear drums with your to-called knowledge. The Ghana Railway Corporation was working perfectly when Ex-Prez. Kufuor took power in 2001 and he collapsed it with glee and the NDC under the late Millis/Mahama administration has revamped it half way before leaving office in 2017.

Nation wreakers have been voted into office once again in 2017. The very people who burnt ware houses full of electricity meters in Kumasi, the very people who used to burn markets in Accra, Tema, Takoradi and Kumasi while in opposition in order to make the NDC unpopular to enable them return to power are now very happy to have won the elections in 2017 and they would loot, and loot without blinking their eyes because 95% of Ghana’s media is solidly behind them and they (media men) would help them empty the coffers of the state in the name of property owning Democracy. Yes, Ghanaians were deceived to vote for change of government and not change of attitude in this country.


Our elders used to tell us that it is very dangerous to chase a coward too far, so if the so-called Invincible Forces has suddenly become the Illegal Military wing of the violent prone NPP now on a destruction spree as well as maiming and killing NDC members think that nobody can ever stop them – they would soon meet their Water too – if their aim is to destroy the Great NDC for the violent prone NPP to become a one party state as Sammy Awuku once bragged in the media, they must think twice. The NPP will lead the country into a Fifth Republic. If your part is in power, it does not mean that you are above the LAW and is UNTOUCHABLE So far, the NDC leaders have addressed two national press conferences appealing to president Akufo Addo to no avail – their last appeal has been sent to the Diplomatic Corps and we are still waiting for their response. Those so-called fire eating journalists who fan the embers of war and believe that deception and lies are the best virtues in life would all NOT LIVE TO TELL THEIR STORIES IF the NDC should launch a reprisal attack to defend themselves, you let the Drug Barons use their multimedia group to support the NPP and its deadly Invincible Forces and we shall see who is who in this country because the NDC has come to stay and will even recapture political power in 2020. I don’t blame you, I rather blame the leaders of the so-called “New NDC” from 2008 to 2016 who sent us back to opposition in 2016, as several officers were chasing money in the various constituencies instead of serving the grass root members. I am a Citizen, not a Spectator. Fortune Alimi – Come Again if we strike, it will be one dead NDC member to 20 dead NPP members.

These are not my words, but I sincerely believe it is the stubborn Truth. From Obuasi, this has been Clement Sangaparee giving the punks in the violent prone tribal NPP, a perpetual heart beat. TIMES HAVE CHANGED SINCE 1992 TO DATE 2017.

Keep your fingers crossed, I shall return. “Jaanbie Iwaii”.

Aluta Continua.


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Clement Sangaparee

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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement