Rebuilding Nkrumah’s collapsed factories is crucial to the youth employment

The Zuarungu Meat Factory The Zuarungu meat factory

Mon, 7 Feb 2022 Source: Joel Savage

One of the biggest challenges facing the Ghanaian government is job creation to reduce the high rate of unemployment in the country. However, there are many ways the NPP government can solve the unemployment crisis.

There is the possibility that the Ghanaian government can develop a plan to restore some of the collapsed factories abandoned throughout Ghana, to ensure the youth employment, economic growth, and real incomes of the population.

Financing new projects is not only costly but also takes years before a project is completed, therefore, it will be easier for the government to restore some of the collapsed factories Kwame Nkrumah built to tackle the unemployment problems in the country for a better economy.

For example, before the fall of Nkrumah’s regime, he established over 50 factories, including, Akosombo Textiles Limited, Kade Match Factory, Akwatia Diamonds, Anomabo Citrus Factory, Ellembelle Vegetable Oil Factory, and host of many others.

As of now, almost everything that Nkrumah established has collapsed and after him, there hadn’t been a keen interest to invest in some of the collapsed factories to employ the youth. This bad decision has created both unemployment and economic crisis in the country.

The problem of unemployment is a key issue in a market economy; therefore, without solving it, it is impossible to establish effective economic activity.

Along with the restoration of the destroyed industry, a major step forward can be made in the further development to solve the unemployment crisis in Ghana and to revive the struggling economy.

For example, the restored Zuarungu meat factory can employ many Ghanaians struggling to live normal lives in the country.

Columnist: Joel Savage