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Redirecting the Steps of J.J. Rawlings
Opinions Wed, 12 Sep 2012

Redirecting the Steps of J.J. Rawlings

Redirecting the Steps of J.J. Rawlings about the December 7, 2012 Elections - going with NDC or NDP

We say that nothing comes free in our way. Nonetheless, I assure my readers that

this advice from me to Rawlings is free of charge. I will not charge him a pesewa

for it, though as affluent person as he is. To expatiate on there being free things

at times, let me ask you, do you pay for the air you breathe daily? Is the

indispensable precious life-holding air that you inhale and exhale every ticking

second of the clock not free? How expensive it will be was it to come with a price

tag. However, the Gracious God Almighty has given it to us free.

I will share the wisdom and intelligence God has graciously bestowed on me with

former President J.J.Rawlings. He is currently vacillating; not knowing whether to

go with the National Democratic Congress (NDC) or the newly formed National

Democratic Party (NDP).

My readers or audience will recall that Rawlings single-handedly formed the NDC

party. When Western power pressure descended heavily upon him to relinquish his then

entrenched dictatorial military rule of Ghana, he cleverly sought refuge in the

formation of the NDC. He changed the military government (Provisional National

Defence Council (PNDC)) into a civilian government, the National Democratic Congress

(NDC). This is just about a brief history of the genesis of the devious NDC party.

Babies with sharp vampire Dracula fangs (teeth) - (Okudzeto Ablakwah, Omane Boamah,

Kobby Acheamong etc.) that can tear into any human flesh currently abound in the

NDC. There is also a very ferocious lioness with her cubs waiting impatiently to

devour Rawlings. The lioness is Johnson Asiedu Nketiah. The cubs are Fiifi Kwetey,

Allotey Jacobs, Quarshiga and Koku Anyidohu. These mentioned persons are livid about

the utterances of Rawlings that they think are eroding their electoral fortunes.

They will not hesitate to pounce on him, a barking dog they call him. They have

continually been baying for the flesh and blood of Rawlings.

Rawlings has been doing everything possible to stay out of harms way from these

George Orwellian Animal Farm pigs. The pigs, as leaders of the animals are singing

in unison the slogan, "four legs good, and two legs bad". Nevertheless, they

began doing worse things immediately after ascending to power after the animals had

revolted and driven the drunken and irresponsible Mr. Jones, the owner of the

farm, from the farm. This is exactly what President Mills with the bunch of

hypocrite NDC gurus, activists and sympathisers did, and continue to do, to


Now I am opening very widely the floodgates of my already overflowing fountain of

wisdom to Rawlings to drink from if he wants to. Firstly, the current NDC government

has, and continues to, pull down the principles-foundation (Accountability, Probity

and Transparency) on which you founded the NDC party. On what will revolve the NDC

if without the cardinal pivots as listed above? Out of sheer obstinacy, selfishness

and insatiable greediness, the current government of NDC continues to flout your

wise admonitions to them to get back on track. They find your advice contrary or a

hindrance to their pursuit of ill-gotten wealth.

Secondly, the very obnoxious impediments to nation building and economic

advancement for which you sacrificed your life to get rid of have been re-introduced

tenfold, nurtured and being enjoyed by the current NDC. Have they not by this

repulsive attitude blighted your glory earned when you overthrew the Supreme

Military Council II (SMC II) government? You executed many people with innocent ones

inclusive, for involving in, and perpetrating official crimes of corruption. What

moral justification do you offer by going back not only to socialise with, but to

campaign for the Mahama/Amissah-Arthur NDC to retain power, a government manifold

corrupt than the SMC II?

Thirdly, are the babies with overgrown poisonous teeth ready to bite into you still

not in government and baring their lethal teeth at you? Is the unelected but

caretaker President Mahama not one of those with sharp teeth and long arms?

Fourthly, do you think President Mahama will change overnight for better, able to

shed the rottenness in the NDC party, in the NDC government and in him?

If your answer to any of the above queries is yes, then I advise you to stop, look

and listen, before you make any move to avoid falling into an abyss. It says, "Once

bitten, twice shy". The death of President Mills has not changed the mindset of the

NDC as a party and a government about you. They still see you as the devil that is

bringing the party down and will not hesitate to deal you the fatal blow at any

least opportunity. As long as you cannot keep your motorised mouth shut, but will

continue to chirp like a nuisance bird gone astray, they will never wholeheartedly

welcome you back into the NDC faithful group.

They will only cajole you, have you help them win the re-election and damp you like

a dirty rag as they have been doing to you. Now that I have opened your ears, eyes

and nose, you are your own man to take a decision as to either go with the NDC flow

or switch sides to the NDP, your wife's party.

Rockson Adofo
Columnist: Adofo, Rockson