When I was a little girl: Women are a gift

Sharon N. Alenda Sharon N. Alenda

Thu, 7 Oct 2021 Source: Sharon N. Alenda

As a little girl, Sharon always thought of helping women in rural parts of Africa and even India.

She saw the feat of what childbearing was in the African context with little to no medical support for the mother and baby.

As a little girl, she was touched. As time went on the issues of life and Maternal Health and Child Care as a calling helped Sharon N Alenda to begin to think of helping nursing mothers, pregnant mothers as well as suspecting mothers cope with their issues in Women’s Health and OBGYN Care.

When we look at the various phases that women go through particularly in Ghana when a woman is said to be pregnant or known to have conceived. Nutritional facts and support for mother and baby, as well as access to health facilities with caring doctors and nurses, mean everything for the mortality of the baby and mother in Ghana.

Sharon has brought about the Women First Maternal Health& Child Care Initiative for Ghanaian women to benefit through private research on the best care for women and babies and more funding for Women’s Health Facilities that are safe and cooperative for mothers and babies in Ghana.

We would like Her Excellency Samia Yaba Nkrumah to be the shareholder with Sharon N Alenda in this Initiative to support the women of Ghana as she successfully has held a Chair in the Jomoro constituency seat at her first attempt back in 2008.

Sharon N Alenda is the Chairperson of this Women’s Health Initiative for Maternal Health OBGYN & Child Care Organizational benefit to train more women in medicine & OBGYN and Care and to give the rural population actual care and service to childbearing medical attention in Africa.

Columnist: Sharon N. Alenda