We 'GHANA' beat Nigeria!

Lee Addy 01.2010

Thu, 28 Jan 2010 Source: Objective, Kweku

Kweku Objective

I watched Ghana with great pride on Sunday when we beat host nation Angola. I must confess after the Ivory Coast match I felt our chances were very slim but the performance of the team and technical handlers has been superb so far.

In my earlier article published earlier this month, I said I tip some of the young stars to shine especially Kwadwo Asamoah and I have been exonerated for that. As we play against our beloved sister nation Nigeria, I think once again Ghana will be the stronger team on the day and help dump Naija out of the competition. The stars have been very hard working and played as a team on Sunday defending their one goal lead with their lives. Our tactical play has been one of the best in the tournament and we have to say kudos to coach Milo and his team for the great job done so far.

Nigeria on the other hand has looked very vulnerable, low on confidence and is struggling to win games. They very were fortunate to win on penalties against Zambia because in my opinion and judging from the match statistics, Zambia was the better team on the night. That notwithstanding, games against Nigeria will always be unpredictable and full of tension but without an iota of doubt am sure Ghana will carry the day.

The match against Nigeria will not be an easy match but am very hopeful that come Thursday night the whole of mother Ghana will be singing ‘Ossey’ to the Black Stars on every street of the Nation.

Come on Black Stars! Show the world what you can do. Sure we ‘GHANA’ beat Naija well well! Congratulations in advance.

Columnist: Objective, Kweku