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Religion is the number one cause of the impoverishment of Ghana and Africa as a whole

Church Members In White Some Ghanaians spend productive hours visiting their churches

Fri, 29 Jul 2022 Source: Rockson Adofo

I believe in God, the Creator of all things seen and unseen. Nothing comes into being without having its maker. This fact was once proven many years ago by an American scientist and inventor whose name has escaped my mind. He never believed in God, or the fact somebody created human beings and the natural things we see and enjoy until his own invention.

He sat in his room with many items surrounding him. He pointed to the items one by one and put the name of their individual makers to them. He pointed to the television set and said, it was created or invented by so and so person, so were the telephone, pen, book through to the chair he was sitting on and his very own invention.

He concluded that nothing in his room would have come into existence without someone creating them. If so, he could not be the odd one in the room among the many things there to have come into existence without a creator. Therefore, some powerful being must have created him. Therefrom, he believed in God.

All religions - Christianity, Islam, Fetishism, Hinduism, etc., preach about morality and there being a Supreme Being from whom we derive our very creation and existence and without whom we could not have come into existence in the first place. This Superior Being is called Oyankropon by Akans in Ghana, God by the Europeans and Americans, Dieu by the French, Allah by Moslems, etc.

However, the way Africans in general and Ghanaians in particular, have come to understand and embrace Christianity, Islam and other many foreign religions as their means of interacting with God, does not help us as a country, continent, people or race, at all.

God in his creation of things is seen to be very orderly, according to the bible. He created, or commanded, things to come into existence one after the other and day by day until the end of the sixth day. He took a rest on the seventh day.

However, in Ghana and all black African countries in Africa, people frequent churches in the hope of worshipping God seven days a week and at many times a day. They spend most of their time in churches, praying to God and consulting with their pastors and prophets, same believing that such is the means to unlock the gates of heaven to shower upon them blessings, prosperity and abundant wealth from God.

Most of them have even come to see their pastors and prophets as God who have the power to take them to heaven should they obediently heed whatever they tell them. Nevertheless, most of these pastors and prophets have turned out to be quack, murderers, womanisers, opportunists and nation wreckers.

I don’t want to go into the details of how the Ghanaian or the African’s embracement of Christianity with the assorted foreign religions has been inextricably the number one cause of the impoverishment and denigration of Africans and continental Africa.

Why do you want to see churches spring up like mushrooms in Ghana, ramifying at each ticking second of the clock like the pig breed, and still expect the country to advance as a nation? How is that possible since all their members spend most of their time at churches, fasting, praying, and consulting with their pastors and prophets at a fee to them and by larger extent, a great cost to the nation?

Productive man hours are lost for the fact the church members spend all their time at churches, doing nothing that will practically boost the economy of the nation but fill the long dirty pockets of their pastors and prophets.

When a church member is sick, they are taken to the church house to be prayed for. They remain there until they die or their health worsens before they are rushed to the hospital to die. However, when the pastor or their wife or children fall sick, they are rushed to the most expensive, well-equipped private hospitals for treatment.

Many have been in the churches for years praying all the time to see God’s favour but are always poor, if not poorer than before they went to the church. They continue and are encouraged, to pay their tithes, offertories and dues, by their pastors. While they stay poor and unintelligent, the pastors use their tithes and offertories and dues paid as their personal money to live affluent lives at the expense of the congregation. Is this not stupidity by the church members?

These pastors by confessions from some within their fold, do kill some of their family members, church members and those who consult them for spiritual protection and guidance, to acquire immense wealth, fame and power. Anyone doubting me can verify this information from the following repented Ghanaian pastors, Obotan, Demon Breaker and Manasseh.

Why should we allow pastors to kill innocent but ignorant poor people all in the name of religion? Our traditional religion has also become as bad as the foreign religions. Our fetish priests sell juju and other silly things to these fictitious pastors and prophets of doom and prosperity to empower them dupe many unsuspecting Ghanaians.

In open and in secret, some of our frank, civilized and concerned white contemporaries, do assert that Africans and Africa, have become a burden to them. They don’t know what to do with Africa, a continent beset with poverty, diseases and good-for-nothing lazy and amazingly corrupt people.

The Ghanaian or the black African’s understanding and practice of religion, especially Christianity, will continue to spell doom for the black race until we change our thinking and perceptions about ways of prospering and surviving as human beings. Praying without ceasing and in those fake tongues as practised by Ghanaians will only exacerbate the plight of Africans.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo