Return the water supply to Wawasi and Creek area

Shortage Of Water 67.png Water supply to the town has been cut

Tue, 15 Feb 2022 Source: Supremo Mensa

I may be forced to file an official report to all the international associations AngloGold Ashanti is a member of and a signatory to if they decide to continue with their decision to illegally per their standards take off the water supply from the Wawasi and Creek communities.

These said communities had their own source of water which was destroyed by the activities of a mining company. Through a bilateral agreement, the company promised to provide the communities with water. This development later changed for Ghana water company to supply the water so the mining company pays. Interestingly Ghana water cut off the supply reporting the refusal of the mine to fulfill its part in the form of payment some months ago.

To set the records straight, these communities were present before the mining company decided to erect buildings for their employees. So any faulty decision taken by the mining company affects the community members.

It is also a fact that the mining activities have polluted the lands of these areas rendering them incapable to drill well for water supply. First, most areas of the land the communities fall within can possibly cave in if wells are drilled since this land is enclosed with two Shafts; the Eaton Turner Shaft (ETS) and the Adansi Shaft. Second, the water from land is polluted with massive filth and traces of dangerous chemicals, a typical example is a drill the Obuasi East assembly made at the durbar grounds Wawasi area which is currently not in use due to the polluted water it yields.

The AngloGold Ashanti company has the responsibility in their conduct codes to provide such amenities to communities their activities have destroyed and we expect the company to relegate all pride and provide what is deserving to the named communities. I'm also calling on the District Chief Executive of the Obuasi East district, Madam Faustina Amissah who represents the president at the local level to ensure this illicit treatment by the mine towards the communities comes to an end. My advice to her is, madam your silence on this issue is too loud.

Columnist: Supremo Mensa