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Robo competition to help enhance knowledge in robotics, AI

Over the last decade, robots and automated devices could only be seen in Sci-Fi movies and industrial applications. In the wake of the 4th industrial revolution robots have become mainstream and popular at home, school and even recreational sites.

However, Africa has not been left behind. One company making giant strides in changing the phase of Africa’s education is a Ghanaian educational technology (EdTech) start-up, Khalmax Robotics.

Khalmax Robotics is a Ghanaian company, born out of the passion and enthusiasm of its founder Frank Khalid Limann, a Physics graduate from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

As someone who is passionate about technology and its ability to transform Ghana’s economy, Mr. Frank Khalid Limann is determined to impart his skills in robotics and Artificial intelligence to the younger generation so that the talents and interests of Ghanaian students can be identified and harnessed at early stages.

“I once chanced upon a study that revealed Africa is 70 years behind the rest of the world in terms of education. This means while the rest of the world is in 2019, African education is practically operating in 1949!” Mr. Limann explained.

“Our vision in Khalmax Robotics is to bridge that gap between Africa and the rest of the world through technology. Our robotics project is aimed at empowering students to apply the knowledge they acquire to develop automated systems that can solve real life problems and improve services in agriculture, health, education and other sectors as they have fun.”’

By collaborating with schools across the country, Khalmax Robotics specializes in training students from 8 years and above to create and build problem solving robots from electronic waste and other discarded items


In June 2018, the first ever edition of the Khalmax robotics competition dubbed RoboCompetition was held at Queensland International School, Sakumono, Accra, the first of its kind in Ghana. RoboCompetition is an annual inter-school robotics competition organized by Khalmax Robotics with the aim of boosting students' interest in STEM and robotics. By creating healthy rivalry among schools the event is targeted at unearthing engineering talents in students as well as channelling their skills toward solving real life problems and not only passing exams.

Its tremendous success last year has been a motivating force to bring it back this year. This year’s edition themed: “The Age of Innovation” promises to be even bigger, more intellectually and creatively stimulating and definitely more fun.

In 2018, participants aged from 9 to 12 years and through the training and guidance of the Khalmax Robotics team, the students built amazing robots using electronic waste and other discarded materials of which included:

• An automated agricultural seed planting car,

• Fire extinguishing robot vehicle,

• Colour candy sorting machine

• obstacle ‘pick and place’ robot car.

This year, the focus is shifting slightly to determine key areas where robotics could influence Ghana’s health and security system. A number of the machines these talented students will develop will be aimed at facilitating solutions to key health and security issues in the country as a pulse (heart) rate monitoring device and a Bluetooth smoke detector.

The Khalmax Robotics team recognises the need for a wider reach of their training and therefore aim to be able to reach more students, in all parts of the country and by so doing bridge the gap in equality of access of basic technological skills among students across different regions in the country. The company’s vision is to play a major role in raising a generation of innovative thinking children capable of solving problems through science and technology. They earnestly call on the support of the government, institution heads and the general populace to partner with them in accomplishing this task.

To all you Tech enthusiasts and anyone, eager to be amazed by the profound creativity of Ghanaian students, make your way to the Queensland international school, Sakumono, (close to the junction mall) on Saturday, the 23rd of November 2019, between 8 am and 2pm. Tickets go for 8 GH cedis only ! Just show up prepared to be mind-blown by an exhibition of robots built from scratch, a drone show and other interesting side attractions.

Send all enquiries to info@khalmaxsoftwaresystems.com

Or call them on 0554 775 562/ 0248 454 861/ 0205 341 245

Source: dr. lawrencia azas
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