Opinions Thu, 11 Oct 2012

Saluting Examples Of The Very Best In The Ghana Police Service!

By Kofi Thompson

At about 1am this morning we heard our next-door neighbours shouting "Akronfuoo, akronfuoo, akronfuoo!". It was immediately followed by a phone call from them alerting us to the fact that the burglar had jumped into our place.

So we immediately called the Ghana Police Service. Within ten minutes, a patrol team ( Accra Monitoring Team 1 - telephone number: 0243536898) had arrived to answer our distress call.

As a people we are fond of condemning the Ghana Police Service in blanket fashion. Yet, on a daily basis, they work round the clock risking their lives to keep us safe and secure.

I did notice that they had a brand new Toyota Landcruiser - clearly a factor in their ability to respond so quickly to our distress call.

It is important that we ensure that the Ghanaian nation-state constantly strives to equip the Ghana Police Service regularly - particularly empowering them to communicate whiles on the move.

Although the burglar had disappeared by the time they appeared on the scene, my neighbours and I were relieved and pleased that they showed up.

My neighbours and I would like to express our sincere appreciation to the police officers who came to our rescue so quickly.

They were very professional in their approach. Indeed, to reassure us, they even returned again after a while - to make sure we were actually free of the intruder.

We would like to commend the police officers who constituted that 9th October 2012 1am Accra Monitoring team 1, to the Inspector General of Police (IGP). He can be proud of them - for they are examples of the very best in the Ghana Police Service. We salute them!

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Columnist: Thompson, Kofi