Opinions Sun, 23 Jan 2011

Samia Nkrumah: Ghana’s Che Guevara

I have lost faith in Ghana’s politicians. I believe that I am not the only one. Politics used to mean patriotism! It used to mean service. All great politicians understood this. For a true politician, the interests of his/her country came first and foremost. The way it should be! Most importantly, a true politician was knowledgeable. He/she understood exactly what was expected to be done. Regrettably, those days seem to have withered with time. In Ghana, our politicians are totally shameless, ignorant and unprofessional. Lack of foresight seems to shape most of their decisions. Also, as far as patriotism is concerned, the less said about them, the better. Indeed, Ghana has become a mockery in the eyes of the world because of her politicians. The country bears the mark of failure, shame and disgrace because of her self-fashioned uneducated politicians. Perhaps, the country needs to have an education institution where people could study real politics, not cut-throat politics. Our country, I believe, deserves men and women of principle!

For the past nineteen years, the nation's politics has been in the hands of empty-headed politicians. An improvement in our socio-economy, as you all know, has been less to none. The majority of the citizens continue to suffer due to unsound policies. Job creation for the masses is still a bride in waiting. The notion of city planning seems permanently shelved. Affordable houses to house the masses have been a no--no. A welfare system to soft cushion the financial fall of the unemployed is non existent. As a result, armed robbery is in full swing. Our gross national income, which could've been used to invest in domestication, was never given a thought. Even an address system, which almost every country in the West happens to have, continues to elude us. Importing less so that we could create more ourselves has been an idea left unattended. Our decrepit education system, which is in urgent need of modernization, has been looked at with arms folded. In short, for the past nineteen years, the rich have been getting richer at the expense of the poor. The poor, on the other hand, have only been getting poorer. As for the cost of living, the less said about it, the better. Ghana has become too expensive. Way too expensive!

Today, these White-man fearing political amateurs, who have been running the country aground for the past nineteen years, are still in charge. It's still the same old faces--a few new ones here and there. Undoubtedly, no progress would be made as long as we Ghanaians continue to vote for the same ole familiar faces. We must dare change! Mind you, those familiar faces wouldn't bring anything new to the table. In opinion, they hold nothing new for the present generation, except for the past. Also, to me, they represent political idiocy and sensationalism. Nothing more, nothing less. The present generation needs doers, not sayers! Remember, they are tired of the non-productive, gutter and tribal politics in display. They need someone not of the old guards, but someone of the new guards. Somebody with fresh ideas who would catapult this country to great heights. An outsider! Samia Nkrumah, I believe, has what it takes. She is young, new, vibrant and fresh. Most importantly, her socio-economic ideas are progressive. She offers, in my opinion, an alternative.

Dear reader, this country has had eleven years of NDC--eight years of NPP. In the mean time, Ghanaians have been able to judge for themselves what these two parties are all about. Therefore, isn't it time that we move on? See, we cannot keep going around in circles and expect a different result. No, it would be a waste of our precious time. It would be absolutely insane! Mind you, we have already wasted enough time on these two aforementioned parties. 21st century Ghana would be shaped by people with great ideas, not by familiar old faces with archaic ideas. Dr Nkrumah had some wonderful socio-economic ideas for this country. Sadly, most of these ideas were shelved due to his overthrow by the United States' imperialistic government. Samia Nkrumah, without a doubt, has the potential to successfully implement these ideas, but she would be needing our support. So, let's give it to her, shall we? She’s Ghana’s Che Guevara. She’s a natural born leader. She’s the keeper of the dream. She’s Nkrumah’s gift to Ghana. She could be Ghana’s salvation!

Welcome 2 the age of Consciousness!


The Emperor
Columnist: The Emperor