Opinions Fri, 14 Dec 2018

Satan, a former angel turned a villain; a look at his side of the story

Yesterday I wrote about the ridiculousness of the God concept, using creation and the famous Jesus coming to die for our sins’ stories as a case study.

Today, let’s look at SATAN, a former angel turned a villain.

By the way, I am writing this from Turkey a beautiful country—that was once the seat of the great Ottoman Empire. And I am enjoying a beautiful weather here, as I wait for my authentic Turkish khebab to be served. Satan and God are here too, invincible but in people’s beliefs.

So many years ago in heaven, a certain angel who is said to have had a magical voice caused a revolt against God. To me, this was inevitable, looking at the God story.

God is a goddam celestial dictator: he is also a prosecutor and a judge and his court has no appeal. So probably, SATAN and his allies were tired of his dictatorship and unending demand for praises. We do that here on earth too—think Kwame Nkrumah and the others.

But according to the Bible, God’s so called written book, the revolt ended with God winning and SATAN being thrown down on earth—for human beings to live with him.

Is it not unfair, perhaps even insane that the almighty God with endless powers could not deal or live with Lucifer in heaven and instead of killing him, he sent him down to mere mortals like us to live with him, despite all his wisdom? This is not wise, except to serve God’s only intended purpose.

We didn’t have a choice. Satan was sent down here to us. God could have sent him to Mars or anywhere in the vast cosmos, but no, he brought him here to us without asking us a damn under his totalitarianism arms.

Anyway, the revolt, the aftermath and all we know about Satan is told by God—through his so-called Bible.

We have never heard the side of SATAN!

How then do we believe God’s version? Because he says so?

Is it not fair that when something takes place without us being present, we should at least listen to both sides to be able to establish the truth or form an independent opinion?

The account we have about God and Satan’s fall out is only from God’s camp—and humanity has just believed it. Where is Satan and his account? What if God actually was wrong? Like he wanted to have sex with Lucifer every day and Lucifer said No—leading to a big fight? That’s also possible—right?

Imagine leaving Shatta Wale alone to tell us about Stonebwoy—what do you think he will say? And then we not asking questions but believe every word he throws out there about Stonebwoy.

All I am saying is: it goes against the law of natural justice to make any decision without hearing two sides when two people have been involved in a fracas. Probable, Lucifer was the God who created the universe and this new God came to beat him and take it all away from him—and then told bullshit lies about lucifer so we will think he’s the bad God or person.

It could be God sitting in heaven causing chaos and hardship on earth, and then telling us that it’s Lucifer and his friends who are the architects of evil—all so we will hate them and love him.

At best, no one knows what happened in the so-called heaven. Therefore, believing one side is not only a joke but also unfair.

For me, there’s no Satan or a God: nothing happened in a certain heaven. There is just good and evil determined by our evolutionary instincts—what’s evil is what is not good for our evolution and what’s good is what fosters that. SIMPLE!

In philosophy, Socrates caused chaos in Athens and eventually was killed, by his attempts to really question the status-quo and understand many of the everyday things we seem to believe we perfectly know—like what’s Piety in Euthyphro dilemma.

If you dig deep, you will find that we don’t really understand many of the things we talk about—even good and evil.

However, if you believe there is a God and Satan—be fair to Satan by hearing his side of the story before branding him evil. For all you know, great lies have been told on him!
Columnist: Chris-Vincent Agyapong