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Shame unto the Bad Nuts in NPP
Opinions Mon, 9 Dec 2013

Shame unto the Bad Nuts in NPP

An edifying adage goes, “Do not wash your dirty linen in public”. However, some power drunks within the NPP often desire not only to wash their eyesore rags in public but to dry them in the presence of the querying eyes of the public. Just a moment ago, Friday 6 December 2013 at 10:30, I heard a person phoned into Hot FM90.00, running down the Chairman of the NPP UK and Ireland Branch. He was making allegations of embezzlement of the party’s funds, portraying lackadaisical attitudes to chairing the party and all sorts of acts of incompetence and nonchalance against him.

I hope whoever the person was, even though he mentioned a nickname, is not a serious member of the NPP but as usual, an agent of the party’s rivals hired to smear the NPP Chairman as once did by an NDC member who published a scandalously libellous lengthy article about him. The publication was taken down by Ghanaweb the next day for which reason I cannot precise but hope, it had to do with the untruthfulness of the allegations that were without the least quantum of evidence.

I would be greatly peeved at the caller if indeed, he is a true member of the NPP and is seeking an Executive position in the UK Branch. If he was, I would strongly advise members of the party not to vote for him because he has exhibited acts of cowardice, malevolence and mischievousness.

He is playing us into the hands of our political opponents. I do not condone evil but if the caller was credible and a man of integrity, he would rather have taken the Chairman and those he deems corrupt on at the NPP monthly meetings. He would not be divulging their secrets whether true or unfounded, on the airwaves. The public that he was addressing, slandering the Chairman, do not vote in local NPP elections but only the members of the NPP do. What then was the essence in his action, going on air to announce their internal local problems or squabbles to the world?

I will never vote for someone who intentionally runs down the other just for the sake of replacing him or her. This is exactly what I concluded about the person if really, he is a member of the NPP. I hope he is not.

I will advise whoever the caller was, to garner winning votes from among the members of the party but not from the British public, or Ghanaians who have nothing to do with how you elect your branch party Executives.

Let us wise up. Let us unite to fight the common mischievous political rivals who are bent on ruining the nation through the practices of corruption, injustice and nepotism.

Long Live the NPP. Long Live discerning Ghanaians.

This piece was written on Friday, 6 December 2013 at midday.

Rockson Adofo
Columnist: Adofo, Rockson