'Shatta Wale should leave Mahama alone to take care of his houseless mother' - Joel Savage

Shatta Wale's Bad Speech  86 Shatta Wale

Thu, 21 Apr 2022 Source: Joel Savage

I don’t hate any Ghanaian musician, but I don’t like it when they try to be hypocritical because of politics just to gain favors from the ruling parties. I don’t think Shatta Wale has any knowledge about politics.

If the so-called dance-hall musician claims he knows about politics in Ghana, he should analyze and evaluate the Mahama era with today’s abysmal and suicidal government under Akufo Addo.

According to Shatta Wale, whose mother appeared recently on social media, claiming she has been ejected from her house and, therefore, homeless, the country’s economic crisis will escalate should the National Democratic Congress be voted into power.

The ignorant Shatta Wale shouldn’t ever in any way compare Mahama’s era to the NPP’s government because Akufo Addo hasn’t only appeared to be the most corrupt government but also the most incompetent leader in Ghana’s political history.

Playing music is quite different from being a politician. Therefore, Shatta Wale shouldn’t capitalize on favors and gifts from Akufo Addo to throw dirt in the eyes of the former Ghanaian leader.

If Shatta Wale is sincere, he will admit that before Mahama lost the 2016 presidential race, Ghana’s economy wasn’t as bad as it is today and that, importantly, banking institutions haven’t collapsed.

Ghana is now experiencing the most unprecedented hardships in its political history because Akufo Addo is not only incompetent but also uncontrollably corrupt. Mahama didn’t impose any E-Levy on the ordinary Ghanaians but Akufo Addo has done that.

If Shatta Wale had one percent of Mahama's intelligence, he would have taken proper care of his mother because a mother is a valuable asset that should not be neglected.

Being a musician doesn’t give Shatta Wale the opportunity to talk thrash against the former Ghanaian leader, John Mahama.

He should never try that again if he is an intelligent musician with fans because some of his fans buying his music might be NPP supporters.

Columnist: Joel Savage