Should we doubt the crocodile when it says the river is deep?

Daniel Kwame Gariba, Builsa South DCE Daniel Kwame Gariba, District Chief Executive for Builsa South

Mon, 20 Dec 2021 Source: Samson Samari

A few days ago, precisely 16th December 2021, a senior member, arguably the most senior and time-tested member of the NPP, called out the dishonorableness of the DCE for Builsa South, Daniel Kwame Gariba.

This senior member is no less a person but Daniel Kwame Gariba's campaign chairman in the just ended 2020 elections, a former candidate and a three-time DCE aspirant calling out the DCE Daniel Kwame Gariba for his dishonesty should be a cause for concern to all well-meaning Southern Builsas.

What could have triggered this outburst from the DCE's campaign manager and senior colleague who by nature is calm and tolerant? Is it a case of the senior party member being fed up with the misdeeds of the DCE and couldn't take anymore or it is just sheer mischief aimed at tarnishing the now dishonorable DCE's name? Your guess is as good as mine.

If no less a person but the campaign chairman has come out to make such scathing revelations about the DCE, who are we to doubt it? After all, should we doubt the frog when it comes out of the water and says the crocodile is dead?

This scandalizing revelation by an insider makes one question the hands in which the district has been entrusted for 8 years. If the dishonorable title is anything to go by, one may shudder to imagine the impact of things culminating in the dishonorable title on the development of the district.

The deafening silence of the 'dishonorable' DCE on the scandalous revelation by his campaign chairman lends credence to the dishonorable title conferred on him.

The DCE as the custodian of resources of Builsa South should as a matter of good public service, respond to the dishonorable title he has earned from his senior party member. At least, to assure the good people of Builsa South that his dishonorableness has nothing to do with the contract they had with President NADAA through which he (Gariba) is made to act on behalf of the President in Builsa South.

This may assuage the fears of the people that their resources entrusted in the hands of the DCE are not under siege or are not part of the reason for his newly acquired dishonorable title.

Columnist: Samson Samari