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Sil Chaguma Dies in Ghana

Sil Chaguma Dies on Mission in Ghana-Tribute from Cecilsons Africa.

Just few weeks after she announced the death of her dad and brother, Sil Chaguma the founder of Daily Hope International has also passed onto eternal glories Cecilsons Africa has learnt.

As founder of the UK registered Charity organisation in 2010, her dreams were to support orphans vulnerable children, families who loss their loved ones through HIV/AIDS, she was nominated for the Cecilsons Africa Awards as one young African in the diaspora who is contributing to social change. In response to the awards, we celebrate Sil on how she accepted the awards concept with the conversation that went on between her and the Country Director/ Publicist Akpah Prince:

PRINCE: Happy New Year madam, it is with great pleasure that i have to inform you that you have being nominated for the Cecilsons young entrepreneur of the year, 2014(female category) award. Also as part of the award ceremony to take place in 2014, we would be glad if you can grant us an interview to share with the world the good works you have being doing. Congratulations. Akpah Prince. Publicist, Cecilsons Africa.

SIL: Hi Akpah Happy returns too, am humbled to be nominated i hope its not an award where people vote in

PRINCE: We are actually working on our website, which we hope to open voting online to have genuine participation from influents across the world

SIL: ooh ok , am sorry i cant accept your award because i don't believe in people voting for the work am doing . Thank you very much , in my field of work we don't compete but we appreciate and recognise the good work being done.

PRINCE: I am very sorry madam, but you must remember that, we live on a continent where such recognition are criticised because they do not have public participation. We believe that the young African should be given a voice, a platform to show to world what we are really made of. Someone out needs your story to take an initiative-you can be a life changing source for someone. Its good evening here from Ghana and keep up your good work.

SIL: am not against your award ceremony , i also do award ceremony every Dec but people differs , that is how i feel unfortunately . Good luck. God will recognise my work one day so am happy for you guys

When in Ghana, with the network she has built, she was also prepared to meet other social entrepreneurs before returning to the UK. Sil through her organisation has being able to organise events from awards which award Rev, Azumah for his advocacy on HIV/AIDS in Ghana and Africa, competitions and lot of other charity initiatives.

She left behind 2 daughters.

As a young Social entrepreneur, she was on a mission in Ghana where pictures she posted on her Facebook page saw her in villages, schools just to share quality time with such people. All we hope for is other young people would take get lessons from her life. Also below are tributes copied from her Facebook wall;

Watchman Edward Dziedzorm Tamakloe

One is never prepared for the loss of a loved one. If you have ever lost a loved one, then you know exactly how it feels. And if you have not, then you cannot possibly imagine it. Sad it had to happen in Ghana. Sleep well Sil Chaguma! You're a hero!

De Gee I never had the opportunity of meeting her, But saw the good work she was doing. I feel so saddened. I Pray for the comforting of the Holy Spiriat over her family in this trying moment. RIP Sil Chaguma we will miss u

Nikoi Kotey Hm! So then the operative question for each one of us is ''when is my expiry date''. RIP ma'am.

Michelle Robinson

Rest in peace Lady Sil. I cannot believe this devastating news. You were a wonderful ray of sunshine and always brought smiles to everyone's faces. It was a pleasure to have met you. Thoughts are with the family. XxAhh come on Sil. I heard the news and I was like no it's not her. I always enjoyed talking to you and your words of encouragement. We never met but I felt like I gained a sister in you. And I was looking forward to you coming back from Africa so you can share all the amazing work you went for. RIP Sil

Lily Ann

I never met you Sil, felt like I knew you. An. Amazing woman and inspiration .haven has gained another angel. Condolonces to the Chigumba family may you find comfort in the lord.R.I.P.xxx

To all my African brothers and sisters or anyone who is moved by this sad news. Please let us come together in comforting the two daughters of now the late Sil Chaguma who died while on the charity trip in Ghana. Any amount towards bringing her body back will be greatly appreciated, please see details below. Thank you all. R I P dearest sister Sil!!!

Shocked by your sudden departure, glad to have known you. I will forever treasure the memories we shared. We shall meet again by His Grace

Francis Ngosso Shocked! Sil promised seeing me in Ghana on 14th Feb. and later postponed it to 20th Feb. but since then I never heard from her. Sil, RIP.

She was really a young achiever.

Signed Rene Cecilsons and Akpah Prince
Columnist: Akpah, Prince