Similarities between the two human right lawyers who became presidents

Alpha Conde 4 President Alpha Conde

Wed, 8 Sep 2021 Source: Benjamin Essuman

Guinea's ousted President Alpha Conde is a Professor of Law and Human Rights Lawyer.

In Ghana also, we have a Lawyer who was sold to us as a Human Rights Lawyer and an apostle of democracy, rule of law, anti-corruption fighter and down to earth.

Alpha Conde became President after 45 years of branding himself as a democrat, a peacemaker and a critic of all the governments since independence.

For well over 45 years, Nana Akufo-Addo was also involved in fighting for a change of governments, whether military or civilian.

Lawyer Alpha Conde got his chance in 2010 when he was finally elected President amidst high expectations and to which he promised to be a "Mandela" for all Guineans.

After series of disappointments, Lawyer Akufo-Addo also got elected into office as President in 2016, amidst high expectations of change in governance style, respect for human rights, a zero tolerance for corruption and an accelerated pace of development for the people of Ghana.

After ten years in office, President Alpha Conde was barred from running a third term, so was expected to handover power in 2020. However, the Human Rights Lawyer and President changed the constitution of Guinea to enable him run for a third term in office and indeed forced his way to secure a victory last October.

President Conde used uniformed and non-uninformed militants to beat the opposition party members, killed some and arrested many because they protested against his illegal conducts and election rigging schemes.

President Alpha Conde secured his personal wish for a third term, and exactly 11 months after that, he has been arrested and has become a prisoner under the same military he used to oppress the masses.

Strikingly, no blood was spilled during the military take over of the Conde government, unlike when he got elected for the third time where some voters died.

Fast track to Ghana, our Human Rights Lawyer President deploys his militants to shoot and kill voters and opposition party agents during elections: bi-elections and general elections.

The Apostle of Democracy in Ghana, just as his counterpart in Ghana, is also planning a third term in office via his Vice President.

The Ghanian Human Rights Lawyer has established himself as a Commander of the Invisible Forces and Delta Forces who he has recruited into the National Security apparatus to oppress his opponents.

Is it a wonder that the two Human Right Lawyers and Presidents became buddies with each attending the coronation of the other despite the rigging of elections???

The two men seem to be reading from the same book which teaches HOW TO SCAM THE MASSES - You pretend to be a believer in democracy and turn to be a dictator when you finally get elected by the people.

Columnist: Benjamin Essuman