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Some current crop of Ghanaian bloggers behaving irresponsibly

Bloggers Blog 5 There are a host of bloggers in Ghana

Mon, 11 Oct 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo

Many a Ghanaian taking to social media to air their views is behaving utterly irresponsibly. This is especially so with those residing outside the country, thus, those living in the white man’s land.

One would expect them to be critical thinkers coming out with solutions to the teeming problems confronting our country; however, they are rather the very those who are devoid of not only wisdom and intelligence but overflowing with pure stupidity. They are best at running their diarrheic mouths, raining insults on people, especially, on the leadership without prescribing any solutions. They criticise destructively, rather than constructively.

When the president sees the urgent need for the purchase of say, ambulances for the country’s hospitals, all for the good of the citizens’ healthcare, we have some “too knowing” bloggers sit behind their cameras, record their views pregnant with insults and post them on the social media for public consumption.

They are always only good at saying, this project or that should have first been completed before starting that and that project. That is their trademark and the height of their intelligence.

When the ambulances so purchased are breaking down in less than no time of being on the road, get parked and are rotting, the president should not be insulted for failing to construct good roads throughout the country prior to purchasing the ambulances. No, all the roads in Ghana cannot be asphalt-constructed within the space of two terms in government by His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

Ghana is not sitting on an ocean of, or a river overflowing with, readymade cash that the president can easily draw to hire road contractors to be in every nook and corner of the country constructing roads. It takes time to raise money; sourced both internally and externally, to construct not only the roads but other essential projects in the country.

The nation’s wants are many but the means, thus money, to satisfy them is limited. This being the reality of the situation facing the country, the limited money must be distributed such that many of our wants could at least be touched at the same time.

Despite how best we prioritise our needs, construction of roads or hospitals or provision of potable water or electricity, cannot be left out until one is fully realised throughout the nation before the next is attended to. They have all to be looked at simultaneously, although some may get more prominence than others.

Therefore, for some bloggers to insult the president for purchasing ambulances while the nation’s roads are in a deplorable state is simply being petty. They are out of reality but living in cloud cuckoo land.

Yes, if they choose to insult others, it is their right. Nevertheless, they must be seen to be make sense. They have to advance suggestions, advice and solutions. They must also be realistic, taking into account the financial state of the country.

I will welcome them insulting the leadership if the leaders were misappropriating the taxpayers’ money or the funds sourced from foreign countries for the development of the nation. To simply insult them for doing one thing but not the other, both or all of which the country and the people need, is absolutely rubbish on the part of those relishing in insults for its own sake.

If the traditional chiefs are selling the same piece of plot of land to many people at the same time to result in litigation between the buyers, yes, the bloggers can take such traditional chiefs to the cleaners. If a traditional overlord is receiving millions of Cedis in royalties but refuses to clean up his city or develop it, the bloggers have the right to insult him but not without advancing solutions. If the politicians, as corrupt and discredited as most of them are, are involved in corrupt practices, yes, the bloggers can insult them until thy Kingdom come. However, to insult a leader in the absence of any malpractices committed is simply not right.

Let the bloggers make proper and sensible use of the platforms they’ve got to advance Ghana.

To conclude, I will suggest to the bloggers to come up with solutions to any problems they identify in the country. If they do that and the government decide not to address such problems, then they can heap the entire rubbish of Accra or Kumasi as insults on the government, who cares.

Finally, I shall suggest to the president to invite at least ten of the most critics of his residing abroad to have a meeting with him. He should listen patiently to their problems and the solutions they will suggest. He then must task them to go to the ground to solve such problems for the nation. If it involves money, they must themselves find means to raise money to solve such identified problems.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo