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Sophisticated, shameful car thieveries

The sophistication with which state vehicles have been stolen by individuals who were associated with the erstwhile government is mind-boggling, more so when the thievery is defended by those who should be on the side of propriety.

Each day brings with it fresh tales of the sophisticated thieveries by those who preached to their compatriots about some political good tidings which their stewardship would usher into the country as they sought their votes.

Today here we are, witnessing in the aftermath of a change in government a wanton scale of stealing of state assets arguably unrivaled in our post-independence history.

The assortment of stories related to state cars as originating from sources such as the Flagstaff House is akin to the usurpation of the spoils of war, the pettiness of some of them making us wonder whether those engaged in the thieveries do not appreciate the beauty in maintaining one’s dignity.

Yesterday, word reached us about some top NDC personalities showing up at the CID headquarters to attempt defending their actions regarding the cars they would have, as it were, stashed away in some hidden garages from public view but for providence. Some of the vehicles had their chassis numbers tampered with in a bid to change their identities and others driven out across our frontiers with the connivance of bad customs officers.

Our scale of ostentation and abhorrence for humility is reason one person would want to keep to themselves 10 cars when ideally most of these would just be idle.

There are many police stations without working vehicles as are hospitals and schools.

When some of us are described as a bunch of greedy persons consumed by our parochial obsessions, there is no gainsaying the remark.

We have observed the intervention of the Police in the whole picture and think it is commendable. For those who recommended that, we hope that they would not be upset when the law enforcement agents take appropriate actions where necessary.

We, for instance, do not expect the law enforcement agents responsible for managing the cases to let go the criminalities unearthed in their investigations of the anomalies.

It is regrettable that persons who cut themselves as responsible citizens and indeed were integral part of our political leadership would stoop so low as to tamper with the chassis numbers of stolen state vehicles in their attempts to usurp these vehicles.

Under such circumstances of criminalities, we call on the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service to deal with the subject professionally and with the national interest as the guiding principle.

No stone should go unturned as they pursue this critical investigation to unearth the truth.

Those found culpable should be put before court so the outcome of the trials would serve as important deterrent in a country where the penchant for dressing criminalities in political robes is becoming a dangerous feature.

We should allow the law to take its course without fear or favour.

The days when politicians at the helm could interfere with the work of the Police by directing investigators to drop cases should go with the immediate past political and police administrations.
Columnist: Dailyguideafrica.com
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