Opinions Sat, 27 Oct 2012

Special Appeal to Saviour Church (Gyidifo3) members

on Election December 7, 2012

It is about time we liberated our minds from all non-helpful perceptions. We need to extricate our minds, souls and hearts from the shackles of mental slavery. Subsequently, I am obliged to make a heartfelt appeal to the Spiritual Leader of the Saviour Church of Ghana, Mr. Adusei, to pass on a message to the entire members of the church throughout Ghana.

I was once a member of the church and vividly understand how it operates if it has not somehow reformed over the years. The church members do as instructed by their Spiritual Leader. They always look up to him not only for spiritual guidance but also, for social, economic and political directions.

I will not state on authority to know the inside out operations of the church consequent upon the intentions of the Spiritual Leader. However, I may require of Mr. Adusei to advise all the church members to be independent, feel free, in exercising their voting rights. There should be no obligation or specific orders from above directing them as to how, to whom or where, to vote. Such directions in the past had not been very helpful to the collective interest of the church members.

For the past several years, I understand, almost, if not all, the church members have been voting massively in favour of the National Democratic Congress. It could be that their leader belongs in NDC and by that singular measure feel, the NDC is better. It could be that their leader, who they listen to without ever raising any objections, has instructed them to vote en masse for NDC. Whatever the persuasion compelling them to vote the way they do, it is about time we made them understand the realities of life in this contemporary world. They need to exercise their voting rights on own volition, considering their situation in relation to the prevailing economic, political and social trend. Are they better off or not? Will they be better off under a different regime other than the NDC?

I suppose much harm has been done to the church members in the past following from their stringent observance of directions issued to them from above. I pray the leader will this time around allow them to cast their votes as they wish. Nobody will oblige or direct them to vote en masse for one party or one individual.

Why should one at all vote for NDC and President Mahama currently? Their desire to embezzle funds is too glaringly over the entire place. Why should we keep people with unprecedented determination to empty the coffers of State for their selfish desires in power? NDC are too corrupt. I feel ashamed to have NDC rule Ghana.

I am sure Mr Adusei; the Spiritual Leader of the church in question with its Headquarters in Oseam in the Eastern Region will grant me this one-off favour. Let the people vote in dictation to their individual wishes. By this, a sensible majority of them will vote to end the gargantuan unprecedented corruption the NDC have unleashed on Ghana.

Rockson Adofo
Columnist: Adofo, Rockson