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Staff of Kumawu hospital do not respect the privacy of patients on admission

Kumawu Polyclinic.jpeg The writer says they treat the patients in the presence of visitors, who are known and unknowm

Tue, 29 Jun 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo

Sadly, and for yet to be explained reasons, I have been informed by a reliable source that the nurses and doctors at the Kumawu hospital are noted for not respecting the privacy of patients on admission to the hospital.

They treat the patients in the presence of visitors, who are known and unknown to them.

The staff of the hospital, principally doctors and nurses, have cultivated the unethical habit of checking and administering treatment to patients in the open-plan room(s) without regard for the patient’s privacy.

They do remove the clothes off the patient, if that should be the case before they can treat them, without bothering about whether or not fellow patients or visiting relatives and strangers are around.

Do they care about baring a female patient while both male and female relatives or strangers are around? No, according to the information reaching me.

In France for example, there is no way that female and male patients admitted to the hospital will be allowed to sleep in the same open-plan room even with hospital screen dividers separating one patient from the other. Females have their own rooms with non-transparent curtains separating one bed from the other.

However, in the United Kingdom, especially London, I have seen hospitals where both male and female patients are admitted to the same ward but have screen dividers separating one from another.

In both France and the United Kingdom, when a patient is being attended to by a doctor or a nurse, any relative around will have to excuse themselves, especially when the patient will be half or fully bared (made naked).

They don’t care if you are the husband, wife, father, mother, or child to the patient.

Why is it that in Kumawu, there are no screen dividers or curtains separating one patient-bed from the other but with both males and females lumped together in one open-plan room?

What makes it shocking and needing investigations to be conducted by the Ministry of Health or the Health Directorate is where patients are treated bared while all eyes of those present are watching.

This is unprofessional and demeans not only the patient but their family. Why should one see the nakedness of your husband or wife if the person is not the attending doctor or nurse but a stranger or relative?

What, if someone walks in with a body cam or any of the modern small recording gadgets to film the nudity of a patient for all mischievous reasons?

This report must be investigated by the authorities-that-be with immediate effect to get that unprofessional and denigrating practice ongoing at the Kumawu hospital stopped without delay.


1. The Health Department or Kumawuman citizens living abroad should please provide the hospital with hospital screen dividers or non-transparent curtains mounted on fixed curtain rails or tracks as found in France, Britain, America, Germany, Holland, or Canada.

2. The doctors and nurses must cease treating patients in their nudity in the presence of their relatives or strangers. This is not only unprofessional but demeans the patient by denying them their privacy and dignity as human beings.

3. The hospital can appeal to the public for assistance where the government has not been able to fulfill a pressing need like providing them with hospital screen dividers to ensure the privacy of patients when being attended by nurses and doctors.

4. Efforts must be made to put male and female patients into different rooms.

The management of Kumawu hospital had better take note of this publication to do the decent thing as suggested above to avoid the unfortunate occurrence of someone secretly filming naked patients and putting them on the mushrooming social media platforms for all stupid reasons.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo