Stop shedding innocent blood for power - Apostle warns politicians, false prophets

Fri, 4 Dec 2020 Source: Edmond Gyebi, Contributor

The Founder and General Overseer of the BibleHouse International Community Church, Apostle Dennis Justice-Boamah has warned politicians, occultists and false prophets in Ghana to stop shedding innocent blood for ritual purposes.

According to the man of God, 2020 has witnessed so much ritual killings, contract killings, road accidents and other human sacrifices as a result of the growing obsession for money, fame and power by some evil politicians, false prophets and occultists especially in the last three months to Ghana’s election.

“When the blood of so many innocent children, pregnant women and virgins are sacrificed in the land it is a sign of demonic activity and it must be a wake-up call for Christians to rise and pray before it stirs up the wrath of God against the nation”.

Apostle Justice-Boamah in his usual Sunday sermon opined that the anger of God would visit the land if things were not changed. Saying, “This is not a prophecy but a reality”.

He said that Ghana as a Christian nation should not be silent but arise and stop the devil from triumphing.

He also condemned the media for misleading people to the devil by allowing fetish priests, false prophets, occultic groups and money doublers to flood most TV and Radio stations.

Source: Edmond Gyebi, Contributor
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