Opinions Wed, 2 Apr 2014

The Evil Hand of NDC on Ghana is Mightier Than the Sword

The more the intelligent people in Ghana that form the majority supplicate God for liberation from the NDC slavery, thievery and suppression, the heavier the NDC oppressive hand and intentions become. They either care less, or do not care at all, about what they consider as the fuss that Ghanaians are making. ? As long as the NDC government and party are able to satisfy their insatiable greediness for power, all is well with Ghana. When they are additionally able to fulfil the corrupt aspirations of their few cronies who matter most, possibly having stranglehold on Ghana’s politics and economy, then to hell with all others, they may say. ? If it was not so, how come the attacking views expressed by Fiifi Kwetey on Dr Bawumia’s public lecture on how best the government can arrest the free fall of Ghana Cedi to salvage the economy? The Cedi has for a while been depreciating in value at gallops or a terrible speed against major international currencies? Additionally, the Information and Media Relations Minister, Mahama Ayariga, has hinted that John Mahama government is planning public lectures to counter Dr Mahamudu Bawumia's claim regarding the state of the economy. ? From the daily Ghanaian observance and familiarisation with the unprecedented on-going economic hardships under the watch of President Mahama, what will be the usefulness of countering Dr Bawumia’s expressed solutions to Ghana’s teeming economic problems? Instead of appreciating and being thankful to him, they have rather decided to resort to their damaging propaganda machine. They will be coming out with nothing but absolute absurdities to persuade Ghanaians that all is well. ? The NDC’s cunning attempts to entice Ghanaians to believing that all is well when clearly indeed, the opposite is the fact pertaining on the ground, really grates on my nerves. They have been getting away with so much intentional underestimation of our intelligence without even a little slap on their wrist. For how long must this deplorable attitude of theirs be allowed to go unchallenged if it was not for the fact that their manipulative evil hand on Ghana is too heavy to lift by Ghanaians? ? Their hand alone when sighted, without having to throw a punch, is frighteningly heavier and more dangerous than any known lethal Chinese Kung-Fu sword. Until their lying tongue is glued back to their throat, their long arm amputated and their screaming mouth muffled up, there will never be economic emancipation in Ghana but financial hardships ever the portion of the majority of Ghanaians. ? Who is the Saviour able to set us free from such hardships under the strangulating evil hand of the NDC administration? Do you care to know, my dear Ghanaian compatriot? It is the only one small man who possesses the heart of a lion with demonstrable integrity. He is a long time politician, known by all to be without blemish. Is he not Nana Akufo Addo Dankwah, the modern day David of our time to nail Goliath to the ground? ? For how long will NDC be set loose to devour the wealth of Ghana gluttonously to the detriment of all and sundry? ? I dedicate this publication to all concerned Ghanaians worldwide. ? Rockson Adofo ?

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson