The Ghanaian teacher has been taken for a ride

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Fri, 13 Aug 2021 Source: Doctor Kwadwo Ye-large

The failure of GNAT, the mother union of all basic teachers in Ghana to live up to expectations has given way for a lot of individuals and groups springing up to milk the already meager salary of the Ghanaian teacher.

We were with GNAT and NAGRAT, and then CCT came. They claimed that GNAT is in bed with the government so they are coming to speak for the voiceless teacher, to seek a better working conditions and a respectable salary for teachers. But what are we seeing now? CCT, NAGRAT and GNAT (The Union)do meet the government and negotiate as one unit.

In effect, CCT, NAGRAT and GNAT are paying individuals and groups to do what one union could have done.

GNAT aside from all their weaknesses does organize workshops for newly trained teachers, for teachers due for promotions among others, yet some unions claiming to be better than GNAT can only boast of deducting dues lesser than that of GNAT.

As to what they use that relatively small monthly dues for, nobody knows. But the Ghanaian teacher is comfortable with that because of the perceived lackadaisical attitude of GNAT.

Now teachers in order to enjoy better working conditions are paying more people who are not doing anything for the betterment of teachers.

Basic school teachers in Ghana have the largest number of unions but still, they are the most abused workers in Ghana.

What if we all stay in one union and work together to put the leadership on their toes.

When spider webs unite, They can tie an elephant.

Columnist: Doctor Kwadwo Ye-large