The NPP government's depth of mediocrity

Nppp Flag Many have expressed disappointment in the NPP led government

Fri, 29 Apr 2022 Source: Joel Savage

Ghanaians should be sincere and admit that the NPP government and its leader, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, have disappointed Ghanaians. Under this particular government, nothing is working in Ghana. Ordinary Ghanaians are fed up to the extent that many don’t even care about the president anymore.

Power can be obtained by any means, but the actions of a president who has no respect for his promises and doesn’t care about what he does, whether that will affect the country or not, is another thing. This has been a problem in Ghana because the country is ruled by a mediocre government.

Ghana, as a strongly religious country, tolerates every nonsense because they give everything to God, who has provided them with gold, timber, bauxite, cocoa, oil, etc. They say "Nyame b3y3," but brothers and sisters, God will not solve corruption for Ghanaians and God will not come down from His invincible Holy Place to assist an inept leader.

It’s up to Ghanaians to be intelligent enough to know that a country can’t be successful on the foundation of hate, hypocrisy, and tribalism. Therefore, Akufo Addo's decision to appoint his relative, Ken Ofori-Atta, as the country’s Finance Minister, will definitely bring down the government. As indicated in one of my articles, Akufo Addo appointed Ken Ofori-Atta just to make corruption easier for him.

Go to Google search and find the result for this question: "Which country's Finance Minister is related to the president?" You’ll not get any answers because it’s never been done. Intelligent leaders know that such appointments can bankrupt a country. Therefore, it’s rare to find such appointments in governments, even though there is nepotism in foreign governments too.

Ghanaians applaud and support anything and everything that could lead to their death because Akufo Addo is in power. I have said it many times and I will still keep saying that I’m not psychologically affected by nepotism to give support to any incompetent government I know is destroying our country. Africans work and receive about 1,800 euros monthly. Why Ghanaians also can't enjoy resources in their own country?

Europeans don't need African credentials before giving you work in a factory. What European leaders need is to choose any profession an African wants, have good training, learn the language, integrate, and, after completion, post their curriculum vita online at the work agencies. If they like the CV, they will call you to start work, and if you are good, the company will give you a permanent contract.

People like me, who criticize Ghana's poor governance, wish that ordinary Ghanaians could have the same and live like human beings. But since in Ghana, greed is what rules the country, articles requesting good leadership in Ghana are politicized. Therefore, if it’s against the NPP, you’ll be accused of being an NDC member, and if it’s against the NDC, you’ll be accused of being an NPP member.

This is why Ghana has fallen as a nation, we despise corrections and support everything bad that happens in the country in favor of the ruling parties. Ghana is done. This is what many don’t want to hear, but I will repeat: under Nana Akufo Addo, Ghana has no future. My only worry is the next president, coming after the current incompetent and corrupt Akufo Addo because that president has many rivers to cross to let fallen Ghana stand up.

Columnist: Joel Savage