The NPP government's diabolical plans for the 2024 elections

NPP.png Crime in Ghana has become the norm under the ruling NPP government

Thu, 8 Sep 2022 Source: Joel Savage

I am unable to influence Ghanaians' voting decisions since it is up to them to select the best candidate to fight corruption and improve their lives. However, I would see it as one of my duties to inform every worried Ghanaian about the evil measures the NPP administration will take to preserve its position in power because they are afraid of losing it again in 2024.

Ghanaians will agree that only Akufo-Addo has cut more sods than any other leader in the country's political history. None of these initiatives have been carried out despite several sods being cut, some of which date back to when he was elected president. Even the judges' homes and a hospital serving the La-Teshie-Nugua populations were destroyed by him without being replaced.

The Kwaku Ananse, or "the spider," that the NPP regime embodies in fairy tales actually manifests itself in politics. Concerned Ghanaians voted for the president despite his incompetence and the high level of corruption, with the tribalism campaign slogan "Four More Years For Nana." The outcome today has caused enormous alarm because Ghana is experiencing the highest inflation.

The president, who calls himself an advocate for human rights, has exploited his position of authority more than any other Ghanaian leader to force Ghanaians into servitude. While the NPP administration failed to create jobs, he disregarded the plight of vulnerable Ghanaians who relied on "Mobile Money Transfer" for a living and passed the phony E-Levy instead.

Unfortunately, the E-Levy has failed, ruining the livelihood of Ghanaians who relied on it as their only source of income. How long can Ghanaians put up with such a despicable administration without conscience and without caring for the lives of the common people? What sort of selfishness is this? Due to his avarice, Akufo Addo has so far been unable to comprehend the devastation he has brought about in Ghana.

Akufo-Addo and his corrupt and incompetent NPP politicians are certain to break the eighth cycle because crime in Ghana has become the norm under this current government with impunity. Because everything is possible in Africa, such as getting a driver's license without passing a driving test and lowering the ages to stay longer in establishments. Akufo Addo's administration is the only democratic government in which Ghanaians have seen a crime wave of this size.

I wonder if Ghanaians will still fall for the antics of this nepotistic inept regime if Akufo Addo has abused his position, lied to them, and treated them disrespectfully despite all the faith the people of Ghana have placed in him. Because this time, the slogan will be "Give The NPP The Chance To Complete All The Sods The President Cut," not "Four More Years for Nana."

However, if you are an intelligent Ghanaian, you must consider the following: If Akufo Addo or the NPP government failed and abandoned the unfinished projects left by the previous administration, which belong to Ghana, how is it possible that they will build or complete the projects that sods have been cut, including the mysterious "Agenda 111"?

If Ghanaians continue to wait in hope that Akufo Addo, the NPP administration, or Ken Ofori-Atta, the Finance Minister, can resurrect the economy and restore the Cedi's value to a regular rate, then I can only assume that no educated person resides in that nation.

Since most pastors are responsible for the government's crimes and corruption, I don't see any positive impact of religion on Ghana and I need to spend a full year looking for a suitable church to serve God if I want to move to Ghana in the near future. Every society needs the church and other religious institutions to function. Therefore, what purpose does religion serve if Ghana has degenerated to this point?

Now that Akufo-Addo has been in power for six years, it seems to me that Ghanaians didn't notice anything suspicious about this man until the collapse of the country's economy and currency. When Akufo Addo had not been in power for more than a year, I noticed his cunning character and his dictatorship form of government, and I warned Ghanaians. The truth is that what is taking place under this NPP administration is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Since desperate people do desperate things, Akufo-Addo is unwilling to step down without using every subversive and criminal tactic to ensure that the NPP retains power in 2024. He is aware that he has failed and has been revealed as the most corrupt president in Ghana's political history.

Will any politically-inclined Ghanaian with intelligence permit this to happen? Why does this author often use the phrase "Intelligent Ghanaians"? It is because the corrupt and incompetent administration is supported by millions of idiots with tribalistic brain damage in and outside Ghana.

Ghanaians must never fall for the NPP government's lies that they must finish the many projects where sods have been cut. They are wolves in sheep's clothing.

Columnist: Joel Savage