The NPP would have been the best political party in Ghana if Akufo Addo is not the president

NPP Flag 610x375 According to the writer, the NPP government has wasted public funds

Tue, 14 Dec 2021 Source: Joel Savage

I strongly believe that the NPP would have been the best political party in Ghana if Akufo Addo hasn’t become the party’s presidential bearer because I can see that there are intelligent people in that party who could have done better to rule the country than the current president.

According to Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, “no one can prove that his government has wasted public funds.” This is not convincing because the president has wasted public funds than any previous Ghanaian leader.

I don’t blame Akufo Addo because the dishonest Electoral Commission is responsible for this political and economic disaster in our country today, moreover, like the majority of African leaders, Akufo Addo never likes to accept corruption accusations in politics, even though he is corrupt.

If no one can prove that the NPP government has wasted public funds, the president's under-achievement and incompetence since becoming president five years ago can reveal that.

How can Nana Akufo Addo evaluate himself free from wasting public funds after incurring heavy debt in Ghana today? Yet he can’t account for how the money was used, moreover, there are no projects the president can boast of.

It is obvious that so much taxpayers' money has been wasted since Ghana's external debt for 2019 was $26,958,719,429, a 15.54% increase from 2018, while in 2021, the debt has ballooned causing a high rate of unemployment and economic crises.

As a nation, where is the pride of Ghana? The country has diamond, gold, cocoa, timber, oil, yet Akufo Addo’s bad leadership has ruined it both politically and economically but he will not simply admit to his failure as president.

The reckless spending leading to the waste of public funds includes the chartering of luxurious jets to undertake his foreign missions. He speaks of good leadership, yet, he seeks medical checkups if he travels out of the country.

Under Akufo Addo's leadership, the NPP is not a political party at the moment but a disgrace to humanity in Ghana. There are many people who are not qualified to be politicians, Akufo Addo is one of them.

He was inspired into politics firstly because his father was and secondly to enrich himself, despite promising the suffering Ghanaians of protecting the public's purse.

The president is a man embedded with hate, tribalism, and nepotism, one of the reasons he failed miserably as a leader. His selfishness overpowered him to sow seeds of discontent in Ghana. Such a leader will never be successful.

How I feel very proud to call our president the worst leader in Ghana’s political history of Ghana, gives me more satisfaction than anything in this world. If he doesn’t know what a waste of public funds is, I will educate him on that.

Mr. President, a waste of public funds is to incur a huge debt in a country, yet the government can’t give an account of how the money was used to the common people. After him, I think the next leader will be hundred percent better than him.

If Akufo Addo is proud of this kind of politics under an administration whereby schools lack proper facilities and the people lack better medical care, then he should never make an attempt to seek medical attention in a developed country.

Columnist: Joel Savage