Opinions Wed, 27 Feb 2013

The Supreme Court At A Stage Of Destiny And Glory

Rev. Prof. Enoch Immanuel A. Agbozo

People of Ghana, let us PRAISE and THANK the Most High God Creator of heaven and earth for His choosing of Ghana for His inheritance, His Kingdom Glory Order and Habitation. Thanks be to God that He has established His habitation in the midst of the people of Ghana. Hallelujah! According to the Lord, His eyes and holy hands are on His chosen nation and redeemed people of Ghana.

In view of the Lord’s presence and hand upon the country we are persuaded that the political confusion emanating from Election 2012 and the resultant distress, pain, agony and uncertainty facing the nation can become a blessing if the SUPREME COURT of Ghana will rise up to the occasion and raise and uphold TRUTH, RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE, LOVE and LOYALTY to country, all in the knowledge and fear of God.

The Spirit of God has revealed in this regard that THEY SHALL PROSPER that love and pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Ghana) (Ps. 122:6). Indeed the unfortunate election debacle can help raise strong pillars for the building of the country into a strong, compact and viable country. Hallelujah!

This is why we beseech nation and people led by the Church of God to SING, PRAISES and THANK GOD for His GOODNESS and MERCY towards the country and His GREAT WORKS in and for the country. Of course, it is true we are living in times of much distress, pain and uncertainty. No true and loyal citizen of peace and goodwill for the country can deny this. But the goodnews is that this time of distress can be a time of immense opportunity to raise the banner of Love of country, Peace, Righteousness, Judgement and Justice in the land, loyalty and faithfulness in institutional conduct, practice and performance in nation building and national cohesion and stability as a whole.

That is to say with God’s help Ghana can be built into a compact, viable, peaceful and prosperous nation with a free and happy people anchored under the canopy of the Most High God. The key factor in such a situation reveals the Spirit of God is RIGHTEOUSNESS.

“Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” (Prov. 14:34 KJV)

Hence, the Most High God has assured the nation in this regard, saying

“For Zion's sake will I not hold My peace,

and for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest,

until the righteousness thereof go forth as brightness,

and the salvation thereof as a lamp that burneth. I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night:

ye that make mention of the LORD, keep not silence.

And give Him no rest, till He establish, and till He make Jerusalem (Ghana) a praise in the earth.”

(Is. 62:1, 6-7 KJV)

As matters stand now, the mantle has fallen upon the judges of the Supreme Court constituting the panel considering the AKUFO-ADDO and CO ELECTION PETITION to raise the banner of RIGHTEOUSNESS in truthful, honest and faithful decision upholding TRUTH and JUSTICE in the matter before it.

Should that happen, the court will help create an open, righteous, equitable and just society with trustworthy, cogent and robust national institutions for the country. Trustworthy and reliable institutions beginning with the Judiciary Service and the Justice System of the country, followed by the Electoral Commission, the Legislature and the Executive will serve as strong pillars for building the NEW GHANA OF NATION AND PEOPLE HOLY UNTO JEHOVAH GOD. Political parties will in that case work to receive Divine approval as well as honest and true Peoples and National accreditation and good standing worthy of the New Ghana under God.

That is to say, God has given the nation and people of Ghana a great opportunity in the Election 2012 debacle to bring national and public institutions under critical review. Technical competence and sound professional conduct in honest and faithful service will uphold and treat sacred facts and figures and national dignity otherwise now in distress in the land. Public servants will have courage and boldness to hold their own and resist capricious politicians and unholy alliances in national subterfuge, wicked and shameful acts. Right now, it appears only the rogue, wicked and evil minded can run the show in the country!


We are happy to announce in this regard that the Lord God Jehovah has informed His servant that the Supreme Court will pronounce an EPOCH DECISION in the matter of the Electoral Petition before it. That, the decision will LIFT UP, CEMENT and GLORIFY JUSTICE not for Ghana alone but for Africa and the world at large.

According to the Lord, the panel of judges led by Mr Justice Atuguba will not be guided by PHILOSOPHICAL CONVICTION, IDEOLOGICAL PERSUASION, PARTY AFFILIATION and SYMPATHIES nor FINANCIAL PATRONAGE, GAIN and any negative consideration as such.

Because of this He counsels saying; “And unto the Judges, Lawyers and all let them know that they should judge righteously, equitably and justly. Therefore, I the Lord God Jehovah, My eyes are open unto them and the Lord is watching them closely. When they falter My wrath will come upon them, and not unto them alone, but the generations following because they have deceived the nation. My eyes are open to any decision, any meeting and any counsel that they take. I the Lord I am in their midst and My eyes are open to everything that they utter.”

The truth is that the Lord God Jehovah is on His way to deliver the land from evil and wickedness as well as from those who sacrificed human beings unto their gods and have done abomination bringing Divine wrath and judgement upon the nation.

This calls for prayer, repentance and turning away from the things that defile the nation and provoke Divine wrath and judgement upon the nation. Already the judgement of God is hanging over the nation

May we seize this opportunity therefore to humbly request the Church, Clergy and Laity, particularly laity in politics, the professions and business in the country to critically examine the politics and governance in the land, seek the Lord’s face on political party agenda and conduct and the respective politicians seeking trust and power so the people of God do not subscribe to, condone and support abomination, idolatory, blood sacrifice, the rampage of corruption, fraud and robbery, evil, lies, deception and wickedness in the land.

It is a sad commentary in this direction that Ghana noted for high pitch religious sounds is yet to raise TRUTH, RIGHTEOUSNESS, HONESTY, FAITHFULNESS and LOYALTY to sound and veritable levels in private and public conduct. From student politics through intra-party and inter-party politics to national politics we have only succeeded in raising and upholding Evil Dwarfs as Elders and children and followers of sharp “vampire” teeth sucking the blood of people and nation in the name of politics, governance and national enterprise. Corruption which was condemned and raised eye brows in the pre-independence era has now reached gargantuan and unprecedented levels not just affecting the development and progress processes but actually choking the nation’s breath. Politics and business have become instruments of demurrage in national efforts for the unscrupulous, wicked and evil minded.

We have an ailing nation, spiritually speaking. We have corrupt, weak and choked national institutions. We face a serious national leadership crisis in politics, education and the professions. There are as much challenges in the church as in chieftaincy, in fact in many areas of the national economy. LET US BE HONEST ABOUT IT!!

Let all Ghanaians be loyal to God and country. Let us love and be honest and charitable towards our people and seek the good of the land. Let all pray for insight and courage, Divine direction, guidance and protection for the judges and for honest and credible representation from the lawyers on all sides so TRUTH, PEACE, RIGHTEOUSNESS, JUDGEMENT and JUSTICE, FREEDOM and LIBERTY will rise and prosper in the land of our birth and domicile.

In summation, the Supreme Court of Ghana has a chance to serve as an instrument in the Hand of God to Raise a Standard against the tide of unrighteous, corrupt and weak leadership and bad governance, corrupt, weakened and traumatised national institutions and public services. The Judiciary can raise a standard and give clear signal of righteousness and justice, and INDEPENDENT JUDICIARY free from philosophical, ideological and power bloc platforms and mammon glory in politics, governance and business, and social order in general.

May the Most High God guide the Supreme Court to the shores of EPOCH DECISION on JUSTICE in the national affairs. BLESSED DESTINY and GLORY await the JUDICIARY in particular and the nation as a whole. AMEN!

Praise the Lord, the Supreme Court is about to sail on the high sea of Destiny and Glory. O GOD, HAVE MERCY AND HELP GHANA. Amen!


February 22, 2013
Columnist: Agbozo, Enoch Immanuel A.