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The Talensi by-elections….Ghana’s day of shame

Emmanuel Agyemfra Boateng

"If only our leaders attacked our problems with the zeal with which they attack by-elections...."Mr. Kofi B.Bentil, (IMANI GHANA) Mr. Kofi Bentil summarized all what I wanted to write on his Facebook wall yesterday.

A Parliamentary seat becomes vacant, we need someone to occupy the seat and it turns into a blood bath! Properties destroyed, human life in danger and a Country's name is being dragged into the mud. The winner of this seat will make his family proud, and they benefit the more not we the voters.

Should Ghana come to a standstill because there's a by elections which will benefit just a handful of people and not even my countrymen and women in Talensi. The Ruling NDC and main opposition party, NPP should as a matter of urgency apologize to the people of Talensi and the people of Ghana for causing this unnecessary tension in Talensi and in Ghana as a whole.

How many of these so called party bigwigs from both parties will be seen in Talensi again after this by-elections? Government officials were there in their numbers to campaign leaving the problems of our dear nation unattended to.

Mr. Freddy Blay and other members of his team were attacked, gun shots were heard and the Police and Military had difficulties controlling the violent young men! These groups from both parties, if not controlled will grow to become Terrorists groups in our dear nation and the so called big men who nurtured them will run away with their families leaving us poor people to face the Azorkar and Bamba boys!

Most of the young men in these party security groups are unemployed and rely solely on the little being given them by their pay masters, and if the feeding stops, remember a hungry man is an angry man.

Our politicians from both NDC and NPP have really disappointed Ghanaians in and around the world, we pride ourselves the doyens of democracy in Africa but act in the opposite! The so called party bigwigs will descend down to Accra to enjoy the comfort of their homes with their families and leave the poor people of Talensi sleeping in fear!

Its high time our Youths in the three Northern Regions, wake up from their slumber! Let us wake up and realize we are being used as sanitary pads!! These same political big wigs will turn their backs on us when we most need them. Let’s rebrand Northern Ghana as a VIOLENT FREE and shame those who always bet their last pesewa on Northern Ghana when it comes to election violence.

What picture is being painted to us, as we draw close to our general elections, come December 7,2016?Some of us wouldn’t sit down for the North to be used as the heart of political violence.

Major stakeholders in the three Northern Regions should please sit up and teach the youth the way of peace and self-reliance.

What the northern youth should be violent about is the numerous natural resources which is left to rot without anyone thinking of doing something about it.The Bolga Meat Factory, Tomato factory and no proper mechanized Shea nut factory.



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Columnist: Boateng, Emmanuel Agyemfra