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The Three Amigos, Essien, Muntari & KPB Destroyed The Team

"Sulley: WHAT IS THE USE OF SOO MANY G.F.A OFFICIALS & OTHERS HERE? You Are Basically Non-Essential and have no role or duties here. Your Number even dwarf that of the players... You receive Bonuses for no work done. You are a drain on the Govt.... You always make money on our back and you see every Tournament as a means to make money.... And You Have The Vim to question us why we want our money?"

This is the statement that made Sulley Muntari the darling boy of Ghana soccer fanatics. This is a statement that though came from the mouth of Sulley Muntari but seems to be a group statement from the Players and I initially wanted to write an article titled, "Sulley took one on the chin for Blackstars Players" but the information coming out shows the thuggery nature of Sulley Muntari and Kevin Prince Boateng with a tacit approval from goody-goody two shoes friend, Micheal Essien. The three prima donna players who brought division into the team and destroyed the team chemistry should forever be banned from Blackstars.

The Blackstars team has a Doctor or two, Counselor, Physical therapist and other medical staff to attend to minor injuries the players sustain during matches and training and we have this staff in Miami when Blackstars camped there.

The GFA officials paid for all expenses for these Officials including their hotel accomodations. When the team was in Miami, the hotel management informed the GFA that, there are three gentlemen at the hotel desk demanding three more rooms on behalf of GFA and if they are to be given three more rooms. It turned out these three whitemen were personal Doctors one each for Muntari, KPB and Sulley. The GFA Officials contacted these players to reason with them that, Blackstars cannot pay their expenses, (hotel accommodation, food plane fares etc) from USA to Brazil but the three Players did not agree and the GFA was forced to accommodate the three personal Doctors all expenses paid by GFA. Other Blackstars players got wind of this special treatment afforded to the three Players and some of them were not happy campers.


We have all read the confrontation between Muntari and Armah but the whole story was not told. There was not just one confrontation but two at different places. In the initial confrontation, two slaps were delivered on the face of Armah and Armah also landed two heavy blows one which busted the lips of Muntari with blood everywhere. It seems like Armah got the best of the Muntari in the initial fight. The two were separated and Mr Armah who was staying at the second floor of the same hotel where the players were staying was taken to his hotel room whilst the other players staying at the top level of the hotels were told to go into their rooms around 10 P.M Brazil time. A security guard was posted at the door of Mr Armah and he was told to stay put in his hotel. Mr Nyantakyi and other GFA management were in Mr Armah's room around 12.00AM when Muntari found out the hotel room number of Mr Armah and came charging in and this is where he picked up a drinking glass, not a bottle as alleged in the initial story trying to hit Mr Armah with it. Mr Nyantakyi who was trying to separate the two was rather hit on his hand by the glass that broke into pieces and he received some cuts on his hand. Sulley Muntari not happy about how the fight went picked Mr Armah's laptop and broke it into pieces. Two other mobile phones on the table belonging to Mr Armah were also destroyed. Finally Muntari was prevailed upon to go back to his room and that ended this act one of the three Amigos bad behavior.

Kevin Prince Boateng.

KPB has come out with his version about what happened on the training field. The truth behind the whole thing is that, Kevin was slacking at training doing his own thing whilst refusing to do what other Blackstars Players were doing so Coach Kwesi Appiah who was referring the proceedings of the training called his name and before he can say anything, KPB said, "What, foolish Referee? Coach Appiah then asked him what he said and he then said, foolish Coach. Kwesi Appiah realizing things can get ugly decided not to pursue the matter anymore. In the course of the practice, KPB who it is said to have something against Wakaso tackled him dangerously that could have resulted in a career threatening injury so the Coach cautioned him that this is practice and he should be careful. KPB then behaved the same way by tackling another player the same way as he did Wakaso and that is when Coach Appiah told him to leave the field and go to the locker room. KPB was alleged to have told the Coach he is a stupid Coach and started walking towards him in a threatening manner. Aome Players stepped in to separate the two and Nyantakyi and the Sports Minister who were at the training grouds prevailed upon Coach Appiah to go and sit in the team bus and cool off. KPB then went to the team bus trying to fight the Coach but the armed FIFA Security guard in the bus brought matters to an end.

Micheal Essien

It is alleged that, Micheal Essien has sent thirteen of the new Blackstars members to go and tell the GFA officials that, they don't intend to play the match between Ghana and Portugal due to an unsolved Player personnel issues. This was two hours before the team borded the bus to the stadium to play the Portugal team and the Coaches and officials without much effort convinced the Players to change their minds because they were acting in respect to Essien not because they didn't want to play the match.

What broke the camel's back.

After the players led by KPB have complained about the hotel that has been paid by FIFA were moved to another hotel at an extra cost of over $120,000 which the FIFA refused to pay, GFA officials were once again called by hotel officials that, five people were at the hotel desk in their new accomodations in Brazil demanding five more rooms. It turned out that these were Kevin Boateng's wife, his friends and Sulley Muntari's wife and her sister. The GFA Officials at this time told them that they will not pay and their wives and friends cannot stay at this hotel either.

The two Players then got hotel rooms for their wives and friends at another hotel. The following day when the team was getting ready to leave the hotel for the training field, Muntari and KPB could not be found anywhere. After thirty to one hour, a car dropped both Players infront of the team bus waiting for them and thaeir explanation was that, they spent the night with their wives . Later in the day after the Coach and other GFA Officials met, it was decided to suspend the two Players indefinitely. Another issue that came up too was the captainship of the team which it is alleged the three Amigos thought one of them should be the Captain and not Gyan

It was also alleged that, Sulley Muntari and Asamoah Gyan demanded the payment of their losses that occurred sometime ago in a hotel room where sulley Muntari's 35,000 Euros watc was stolen and Gyan lost 10,000 Euros in cash. The GFA gave Muntari $20,000 and Gyan $10,000 with a promise to pay the rest when they return to Ghana which Muntari was said to have thrown the money on the floor demanding full payment whilst Gyan accepted the $10,000 with the balance to be paid later.

It is just sad Muntari who can still help Blackstars has allowed his friends to influence him to behave this way. I was one of his ardent supporters who thought he was right when his confrontation with Mr Armah initially came out but this has made me change my mind. The three Players if they turned out to be Messi, Ronaldho and Robben should never be invited to the Blackstars camp again.

Justice Sarpong

Source: Sarpong, Justice