Opinions Sun, 25 Mar 2012

The Woyome Judgement Debt Saga

- clear evidence of state institutions as gold mines

by Samuel Donkor

The recent revelations of fraudulent payments of judgement debts by government is another clear evidence of corruption canker, that has bedeviled state institutions for many years now.

If not for the quantum of Woyome's payment and the sharp eye of an MP, which caught sight of it, it would have gone unnoticed and the government and people of Ghana would not know the great loss done to them.

This is also an evidence of leadership paralysis, if not deliberate connivance.

Woyome's case had also revealed the judgement debt payment as another loop hole being used to defraud government of large sums of money by civil and public servants in connivance with politicians.

The saga goes to prove the many allegations and reports of massive corruptions and frauds perpetrated by public officials in state institutions, which is affecting socio-economic development progress as a whole in the country.

It has always been said and reported that, in Africa and for that matter Ghana, state institutions and government sectors are gold mines, where civil and public servants, as well as politicians, amass wealth and riches to satisfy their whims and caprices to the neglect of majority poor people, they are supposed to serve and give quality living standard.

The poor people, who produce the bulk of wealth of the nation, are exploited by their own fellow Ghanaians , so-called servants, who have become lords and govern according to their selfish interests.

It is time the government and parliament look into the whole system and find ways to close up loop holes for corruptions and frauds instead of lip services to problems all the time It is time to act now. The people are disappointed and have lost hope and confidence in our governance system.

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Yours faithfully, Samuel Donkor.
Columnist: Donkor, Samuel