The Youth don't need empty promises anymore but action words

Y PICTURE 2 File Photo of Ghanaian youth

Sun, 8 Aug 2021 Source: Doctor Kwadwo Ye-large

Per my personal observation and reservation concerning the youth I realized that most of them are very disappointed in the leaders.

They see these leaders to be corrupt, wicked and selfish.

The leaders only think about their stomach, families and slay queens.

Monies that could be used to create jobs and construct infrastructural projects, for national development, some of the leaders will use it to fly out their slay queens or families to abroad to have fun, some will also used it to buy houses for their slay queens.

The youth themselves don't see that there is any good future for them in the country.

That's why some of the ladies are into hookups and the guys are also into sporting belt, scam, and fraud.

Most of the youth are unemployed and very broke financially, that's why most are into nefarious activities, which I don't support that for it won't help the peace and stability in the country.

Most of the youth had work very hard for some leaders to get to certain positions, but have been neglected and abandoned by those they supported to get positions.

If the youth have jobs to do, none of the politicians will leave their children home, and bus them to go for demonstration.

This is the reason most of the youth are not interested just in verbal or oral talk or promises, for they have seen and heard it all.

What the Ghanaian youth needs is action not empty words.

Now if you need and want the maximum support of the youth for a course, then you must be the action type, or else they won't give you maximum support, they will just come and joins you temporarily.

Before you will say jack they are gone.

The way most of the youth have decided to follow the action type, it is also not good.

A little motivation from anywhere can influence them, to do something unlawfully, and it can be a threat to the state national security.

Now most of the youth subscribe to action speaks more than words.

Columnist: Doctor Kwadwo Ye-large