The conflict between LGBTQ+ issues, the construction of the cathedral in Ghana

The Majority Of Ghanaians Are Not Interested In Gayism00 The majority of Ghanaians are not interested in Gayism

Sat, 18 Jun 2022 Source: Joel Savage

The NPP government is facing new hurdles as the majority of Ghanaians remain dissatisfied with the controversial Cathedral project and the legalization of homosexuality in the country.

The Cathedral project has been in the news again since last week when it was disclosed that the NPP government spent a considerable sum of money from government coffers to increase the project's construction without the approval of parliament.

This is viewed as Akufo Addo's government's largest crime and deception since he assured Ghanaians that the project would be built with private monies rather than taxpayer funds.

Even Bishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, one of the project's most ardent supporters, backed the president, stating, "Why should Ghanaians be concerned if the project will not be financed with taxpayers' money?"

The Akufo Addo government has caused more agony to regular Ghanaians than any other democratically elected leader. His position as President of Ghana has turned out to be a curse rather than a benefit for the country since everything has gotten worse under his watch. Ghana would have been a vastly better place if President Akufo Addo had not been elected.

Despite the challenges, high unemployment, and massive debt with no accountability, Akufo Addo is still interested in completing the Cathedral project, which is why many people believe he is not the type of leader Ghana requires, but he was able to accomplish so because he lied and fooled the the people. Ghana is becoming one of the most challenging countries in West Africa to live in.

Meanwhile, the NPP government, which recently enacted the E-Levy over widespread opposition, is now pursuing the legalization of homosexuality in Ghana, a foreign concept unfamiliar to Africa's rich history, culture, tradition, and heritage. Ghana is broke, hence the NPP is under pressure to legalize LGBTQ+ in Ghana for financial reasons.

However, we must question how a society intent on erecting a cathedral can erect billboards advocating homosexuality across the country. I understand why many Ghanaians are unhappy with Akufo Addo because he has demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt that he is not the guy he claims to be.

Fighting for the legalization of homosexuality in Ghana does not indicate that the LGBTQ+ community is adored or cared for by these international forces. It's only one of several deceptive techniques geared at restricting Africa's population and resources, but Akufo Addo appears unconcerned about these foreign nations' nefarious intentions.

The truth is that they are unconcerned about LGBTQ+ individuals, and now that we've seen the light, we'll vote against legalizing homosexuality in our country, despite the fact that the NPP administration includes gays. They can choose to be gay, but the majority of Ghanaians do not want gay marriage to be permitted.

What type of devil do Western governments worship in order to continue to trouble Africa by legalizing homosexuality despite the fact that the majority of the population opposes it? Any African leader who opposes homosexuality attracts the wrath of the West and the US administration.

They despised late President John Atta-Mills for opposing homosexuality's legalization in Ghana and also the late Zimbabwean leader, Robert Mugabe.

Billboards have been removed and dismantled in Ghana, delivering a powerful message to the West and the US government, because the majority of Ghanaians are uninterested in LGBTQ+ problems. Allow those with ears to hear, and allow the warnings to sink into your minds, foreign powers.

Columnist: Joel Savage