The cost of insanity

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Tue, 9 Aug 2022 Source: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)

At Dekyemso in the Ashanti region of Ghana, two female prostitutes fought over a "client", one who in their business terms described as "a good customer that spends liberally on the sex workers, and always paying higher prices above the charged fee to spend a night with the sisters of the night".

In the area where the prostitutes, a.k.a, the harlots operate in Dekyemso, there's one woman who has lasted unusually long in the nightly pleasure business, trade others argue it's the first-ever amongst human race'. Encompassing Bible and any other known religious text, men bought sex from women who sold it.

Aside from the infamous story of Mary Magdalene, the harlot who was saved from lynching by Jesus Christ, there's also in the Jewish scriptures a story of Judah, the son of Jacob who conceived a baby with his daughter-in-law, Tamar, through whoredom.

In the Dekyemso case, this particular prostitute under discussion, Ama Joy, wouldn't give joy to another rival in the pleasure trade.

Akua Comfort seems to be the most beautiful Ashanti to engage in prostitution, and since announcing her presence in the brothel, the male clients never hissed or catcalled Ama Joy, and she virtually went out of business. She was peeved and insane to distraction about this turn of unfortunate events.

The Bono people of Goka say: 'pemtoa bɔ a ɔdi awu'. To wit: broken bottles are deadly.

A broken heart woman in truth is more dangerous than that proverbial broken bottle.

Now, not joyful, Ama Joy mobilised her gang of lawless, bodily built, and macho men. They accosted and held down Akua Comfort. They laid her supine and opened her legs as in the position of a woman lying down for the "religious sex style".

A reader may think ahead that; 'then the men had a free day with bouts of sexual rounds with their victim'. But no, a wrongly hastily prediction of the suspense. Ama Joy appeared in the scene, and she brought out a razor from her pocket, she aimed at Akua Comfort's comfortable genitalia, across all lengths and breadths, she inflicted humiliating mortal wounds in this beautiful girl's vagina, the asset upon which men shower their last income, and left her to her fate, groping in the darkness til help came in the likeness of the Biblical Good Samaritan.

Thank God Ama Joy and her accomplices are now in the grips of the punitive arms of the law, as Akua Comfort recuperates in the hospital.

Moral Lesson

1. Beauty and talent cause envy, so don't lose your guard in any trade you find yourself in.

2. Crime does not pay. Insanity costs greatly, so control your anger and live a meaningful life.

Columnist: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)