The current high level of corruption in Ghana makes me feel that Rawlings’ coup is meaningless

Rawlings   Smiles Former President Jerry John Rawlings

Thu, 11 Nov 2021 Source: Joel Savage

There are certain things that justify the means or purpose, the moment they are achieved but after some time the rebirth of the same situation or when history repeats itself in the worse manner, reveals the waste of precious time.

This is the case with John Jerry Rawlings. In 1976, Rawlings envisaged that corruption had overflowed its banks in Ghana under successive Ghanaian leaders, therefore, he needs to do something about it to save Ghana and bring happiness to the Ghanaians.

In what he termed a 'House Cleaning Exercise,' as many as eight army officers, including three heads of state, were accused of corruption and, when found guilty, were executed.

Rawlings suddenly became a hero in the eyes of millions of Ghanaians, while at the same time a subject of hate to those that don't agree with him over the coup.

Rawlings died about a year ago but I am very sure that he knew Ghana today is worse than the period he accused those Ghanaian leaders of corruption and had them executed.

Rawlings who claims he wants to eradicate corruption said, "the executed officers were jumbo size armed robbers whose execution left the world smelling sweeter. Is Ghana smelling sweeter after the death of Rawlings?

If Rawlings is living today, what name would he give to the present Ghanaian leaders running the state affairs that have plundered Ghana and riddled the state coffers with bullets of corruption more than those he accused of corruption and executed?

Taking the high level of corruption in Ghana today, into consideration, I feel that those people he accused of corruption and them executed are meaningless and a total lost of precious lives.

Columnist: Joel Savage