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The devil cringes at the wickedness and ignorance of the Ghanaian

Fist Of Ghana Flag 1 The writer urged Ghanaians to change their wicked attitudes towards one another to progress

Wed, 16 Jun 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo

The Devil, the master of all wickedness, perfecter of evilness and the mastermind of the Ghanaian, if not the African, overflowing ignorance and absurd insatiable greed, cringes and stands agape seeing the Ghanaian execute their trade with a high level of excellence that he, the Devil, is yet to master.

He wonders how his servants, the Ghanaians, can outwit him in the performance of acts of callousness, greediness and exhibitions of ignorance.

The bible says in Matthew 10:24 – “The disciple is not above his master, nor the servant above his lord”. However, the Ghanaian is above his master when it comes to evil practices.

Is it not ingrained in the Ghanaian to always over copy and do it better than his master, especially, when it has to do with evil things? The Ghanaian like most of their African compatriots, knows how best to dismantle what the Whiteman has assembled for the comfort and good of humanity.

No wonder therefore the saying, “If you give the black man your finger, he would want to take your whole arm”. This is the naked truth of the shameless level of their greediness.

For want of political power, a Ghanaian will set up a propaganda machine to churn out lies to deceive the electorates. He will do whatever it takes for you to believe his lies, convincingly telling you that black is white.

He knows that without potable water or no water, life will become extinct. Yet, he will persuade you to believe that doing surface and alluvial mining to acquire gold, but destroying the water bodies is far better.

Destroying fertile and arable lands and forests to the greedy Ghanaian is worth more than maintaining the lands and forests for the survivability of the people.

The Devil shakes his head in disbelief seeing how the Ghanaian reasons so stupidly and criminally. The Ghanaian politician will go out destroying his rival who happens to be more visionary than him. He does this because of want of power and sheer envy.

A Ghanaian politician will organise people to kidnap, murder and insult his opponents as well as set fire to their markets and properties all in the hope of making his opponent unpopular to incur the wrath of the populace to end up being voted out of power.

The Ghanaian will rally behind he who is embezzling state funds and assets to deprive the majority of the citizens the comfort they would have gained had the money and assets not been misappropriated.

The Devil shakes his head in disbelief at this magnitude of the Ghanaian stupidity. He queries himself who might have taught the Ghanaian to behave so irresponsibly.

He teaches human beings to do bad things but the exponential degree at which the Ghanaian has mastered in the art of evildoing sends shock and cold chill down his spine. Why is the Ghanaian, a servant, trying his hardest to be above his master?

The Ghanaian parliamentarian on over Ghc12,000 monthly salary, receiving hundreds of thousands of Ghana Cedis in ex-gratia payment at the end of each four-year parliamentary term service, US$50,000 loan every four years to buy a car, Ghc50,000 upfront payment of housing benefit every four years, and other sitting allowances or incentives, think they are not paid enough.

However, there are University graduates working for as little as Ghc700 a month and other workers earning far less. Yet, the parliamentarian feels his salary is not enough and needs increment.

They are there, only playing partisan politics, not actually serving the interests of the populace but their selfish interests and those of their political party. This is typified by the NDC where their party leaders are dictating to them who to pass during vetting and who to fail.

What a high level of ignorance and stupidity on the part of our so-called Honourable representatives who are indeed dishonourable bunch of ignoramuses by the understanding of their tutor, the Devil.

Look at the Ghanaian pastors and prophets. They lie to their congregation through their prophecies as if tomorrow never comes, all in attempts to exploit them to the hilt. Some of these pastors for want of fame and wealth, have ended up ritually sacrificing their own parents, family members and church members.

The Devil scratches his head in wonder and bows down his head in shame for the wickedness in perpetuation by the Ghanaian. How can men of God do this? What will they do if they were men of his, the Devil?

The Ghanaian journalist has become partisan, doing the dirty job of whoever pays them money. They will go the extra mile to lie in support of their paymasters. What a bunch of nation-wreckers some of them are!

The Ghanaian traditional overlord or chief is worse in their own deplorable manifold ways. They sell same plots (pieces of land) to many different people simultaneously.

They gulp down money as though they are eating food. Their actions often culminate in many, but unnecessarily expensive litigations between Ghanaians. They are crooks that the Devil is even scared to dine with at the same table.

A Ghanaian in search of quick buck will do sakawa. He will dupe others or kill people. The Devil is ashamed of the Ghanaian for the level they have taken their wickedness to harm themselves.

He, the Devil, dreads of engaging in the degree of evilness as does the Ghanaian. He is even weeping for the Ghanaian and Ghana. Ghana will soon go into slavery under the hands of the heartless and more powerful Chinese to never come back until the end of the world, if Ghanaians do not shirk from their love of, and propensity to commit, evil. The extreme love of money is evil.

The Devil is now full of pity for the Ghanaian and Ghana. If we don’t change our wicked attitudes towards one another, extinction of our race is what awaits us.

Shee, shee, shee, shame!!!

Columnist: Rockson Adofo