Opinions Sun, 21 Mar 2021

The homily that made me laugh until I urinated

And He said to Abraham, “let your son be, do not sacrifice your only son.” Then the magician provided a ram for the party. But the meat was not enough for the gods and the ancestors. This time around, there is no ram, and the magician can no longer provide one. So he called his only son, “who will I send?” The Father asked.

The son quickly answered, “here I am daddy, send me”. The son is thinking that the father’s magic powers still exist, only to realize some days later that he was the real ram this time around. Then the father said unto his son, this time around, the teeth of the gods and the ancestors want human meat. The son still took everything for a joke.

He set off for the father's errands. He offered himself cheaply into the hands of his enemies thinking that when they reach the slaughter house, the father will perform more magic. Judas, the chief accountant, took the money on behalf of the other apostles, and gave him to the high priests and pharisees whose business he had taken.

They led him to the slaughter house and put him on the cross without a word. Still, on the cross he trusted in his father’s magic powers, until he heard himself say “it is finished”. It is indeed finished. He has been chewed!

Moral lessons

You can call the human-ram many names, but he made himself a fool so you can share in his father’s wisdom. By his death on the cross, your own sins were forever nailed to it, and salvation became your share. What are you offering the Lord?

He knew very well that the new death he was going to face was not as in the case of the Abrahamic sacrifice, yet he went ahead and got nailed with his hands opened. He has to first give you a warm welcome into the kingdom with his two hands covering you. In the Abrahamic sacrifice, his hands would have been tied together, making it very difficult for him to embrace his cherished people. How do you welcome people who don’t happen to be in your circles?

Your response to God’s call of service has not been heard. Philemon had to go back to his master to continue his duty of service. How well have you served the one who served you on the cross? Let alone those around you?

Did Jesus ever mention the form his death was going to take? He only realized it when he was given the cross. What are the challenges you’re facing as a result of your faith? Just behold it in the cross of Jesus, and you will realize how lighter the weight is.

“Come to me all who are heavily burdened and I will give you rest” says the Human-ram.


May this Easter sacrifice, enrich your relationship with God, deepen your love for him, show him love. And may by this Human-ram sacrifice, deepen your love for conversion and love to convert as many as possible, We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.
Columnist: Emmanuel Graham Nyameke