The launching of digital birth and death registration system in Ghana is long overdue

Births And Deaths Registration Pic The writer says offices for digital birth and death registration should be built in every region

Thu, 10 Jun 2021 Source: Joel Savage

The Ghanaian government, together with its Ministry of Interior, must approve a bill for the provision of digital birth and death registration in the country.

After six decades of independence, Ghana should have been one of the major African countries to have introduced a digital system to record births and deaths in the country.

The lack of digital birth and death registration has increased fraud, theft, and corruption throughout Ghana.

Many also use the lack of digital registration in the country as an opportunity to reduce their age and change of names in processing travelling documents.

Ghana is a country that the right thing is never done because it will stop the flow of illegal income into the pockets of government officials and politicians.

This is one of the reasons the fight against corruption in Ghana, has been fruitless, affecting the whole infrastructure of the country.

Every developed and the developing country needs proper documentation, therefore, the implementation of digital birth and death registration in Ghana, will not only reduce identity theft but also help the country to know the number of babies born and those that succumb to inevitable death.

Once the country embraces the digitalization, within a few decades, Ghana will be able to know the right figure of its population, without any costly need for National Population censuses.

Offices for digital birth and death registration should be commissioned in all the regions of Ghana or the major hospitals should be assigned to these tasks so that the proper documentation of birth and death certificates will be electronically issued.

Columnist: Joel Savage