The media doesn't care about your personality or talent unless you are worth a coin

Media Room You are to invest as a business-oriented institution to yield a selling brand

Sat, 1 Jan 2022 Source: Gideon Ofori

Most creative art practitioners especially the 'fresh leaves' normally complain of the media not giving them enough attention despite the kind of talent they exhibit.

Such is becoming a common complaint from the unheard which makes them believe the media is so much interested in negativity and always invest their resources in already established creative art persons instead of considering the up and coming.

It sounds very logical on the outside but very questionable when BUSINESS becomes the topic of the day.

Every media entity was built on a business-oriented perspective and will do whatever to cash out at the end of the day so far as they remain professional and law-abiding.

The hard truth is that the media won't show any interest in your talent or your personality until you are worth a coin.

The media always chases CONTENT CREATORS and that is what makes them relevant.

So the right question to ask is, “What should I do to have the media talking about me?” Not to query “Why is the media not talking about me?”

The media also pays people to have them on their platforms to acquire listenership/viewership and that is when your brand has become the talk of the town.

The basic mandate of the media is to entertain, inform and educate its listeners. Until your brand has matured enough to be worth a discussion on a segment to either entertain, educate and pass vital information which will be of the public interest, the media will forever shut their doors at you.

In another scenario, the journey of the unheard alongside the media is a give-and-take situation.

Do you want to be heard through my medium? Then you have to lodge a payment for such.

This is when your business entity is at its initial stage and needs the public’s attention.

This is the time you are to invest to be heard and as for the media, it's their time to cash out from their investments.

After you’ve invested so much enough to acquire a deserving brand, the media will then be forced to take a U-turn to chase your personality and product to gather content to serve their listeners to remain relevant since you’ve become the interest of the people they serve.

Who doesn't want to hear/read about Shatta Wale, Sarkodie, Joe Mettle, Stonebwoy, Kwadwo Nkansa, among other creative persons who have paid their dues to gain such a befitting brand worth discussing?

So you see, it is not the sole responsibility of the media to discuss you on their turf but you are to invest as a business-oriented institution to yield a selling brand.

Just as it is said, you reap what you sow and there won't be a profit without investing.

Keep pressing and your time of reaping/harvest will surely be due.

Columnist: Gideon Ofori