The men inspired by God were far ahead of scientists

Bible Opened New The men inspired by God were far ahead of scientists

Mon, 14 Feb 2022 Source: Joel Savage

The scripture is a collection of stories written by men inspired by God and it is believed the book was first written in Hebrew, nearly 3500 years ago, beginning with its first author, Moses, since the first five books of the Bible, commonly known as The Pentateuch are attributed to him.

The story in the Bible is so complicated that people are still struggling with it either to understand or to accept. However, the Bible is not an ordinary book which stories can be taken as fairy tales because many discoveries by scientists today have already been written in the Bible.

Even though many scientists don’t believe in God, their discoveries have already been mentioned or written in the Holy Book. Some of the scripture references with science seem out of context compared with science, yet many are related to scientific discovery.

The matter is made of energy – Hebrews 11: 3. The earth is round; surrounded by a thin layer of the atmosphere, under which life is possible – Isaiah 40: 22. The Earth has no support in space; there is an abyss around the Earth - Job 26: 7.

The ground inside is hot - pitted like fire - Job 28: 5. The seafloor is not flat - the seas stand on mountains; the earth's crust is mobile - Psalm 103: 6 and Psalm 103: 8. The atmosphere is made up of matter and is not unlimited - Genesis 1: 2 and Genesis 1:6-8.

Cycles of day, wind, and the water cycle in nature - Ecclesiastes 1: 5-7. Clouds consist of water and are formed from vapors - Job 36: 27-28. Seasonal bird migration - Jeremiah 8: 7. The sun is bigger than the moon, from the earth, they look the same. People have learned this relatively recently - Genesis 1: 14-16.

The circular line on the face of the abyss - the circular motion (orbit) of all bodies in the universe-satellites around planets, planets around stars, stars around the center of the galaxy, galaxies around the center of galaxy clusters - Proverbs 8: 27.

Sources of the abyss-very similar to black holes-super massive formations that are both abysses (the colossal gravity of black holes attracts and absorbs stars and even entire galaxies, and possibly space) and sources of gravitational energy - Proverbs 8: 28.

Gravity is one of the most incomprehensible properties and laws of the universe, as well as time - Proverbs 8: 29.

Astronomy, as a science, is one of the most ancient disciplines and back in the 15th century, people were not even sure that the Earth is round like a ball. Another is “Stars emit signals that are picked up that differ in their frequency from the frequencies of light,” which can be found at Job 38: 7.

You must, therefore, consider the Bible not only as a great book with words of God but also contain the scientific accuracy of the description of the earth and its orientation in outer space.

Columnist: Joel Savage