The opponents of Mahama want to trick the NDC into picking another presidential candidate to lose in 2024

Mahama 37.png Former President John Dramani Mahama

Sat, 7 May 2022 Source: Joel Savage

Whenever I read in the Ghanaian media that Mahama is not the right presidential candidate for the NDC, from writers and other anti-NDC columnists, it never makes sense to me, because if the former ex-president is not a threat to the NPP, people should allow him to go and lose the presidential race.

They say politics is a dirty game, and this is one part of it. I call it the psychological dirty game. If a footballer is not good or fit to play a certain position, the coach sees that immediately and finds an alternative solution, but not the other hostile team’s coach, who will ask the coach to let that player sit on the bench.

So I don’t get it if NPP supporters, writers, and columnists begin to ask if Mahama is the right presidential candidate for the NDC or not. That shouldn’t be your business. If he is not the right person to be president, be happy about that and allow him to go and lose the 2024 presidential race.

If Ghanaians were sincere enough to do away with hate, hypocrisy, and nepotism and evaluate and analyze the achievements of John Mahama, they would agree that despite the mistakes Mahama made, what he accomplished in terms of development can never be compared with that of this government.

Ghanaians turn a blind eye to what is very serious because of what tribalism dictates to them. If you are a normal person, you wouldn’t be so bitter against someone who, after Kwame Nkrumah, had built so many projects, including schools, hospitals, housing units, etc., and even left many uncompleted.

How sincere and clever are you as a writer if you are not able to criticize Akufo Addo for abandoning projects that are not for the NDC but for Ghanaians to rot? If Democrats leave uncompleted projects because they were started by the Republicans, America will not be a great country for Ghanaian politicians to seek medical attention.

The developed world has no respect for African leaders because many don’t use their brains as leaders, but then how serious are Africans or Ghanaians themselves about continuing to give support to a government that abandoned uncompleted schools and hospitals but couldn’t build those projects themselves after five years in power?

It’s not an exaggeration but a fact that Akufo Addo has cut sods more than any Ghanaian leader, but how many of the projects that sods were cut for five years ago have been completed? Akufo Addo lied to Ghanaians that he was coming to cut taxes. He would rather increase them, and the latest is the implementation of the E-Levy.

Akufo Addo once said that even America borrows and, therefore, continues to borrow, but if America borrows, they use that money to develop their country, whereby the NPP government has over-borrowed but the government can’t tell Ghanaians what the money was used for.

They said Mahama is corrupt, but Akufo Addo has proved to be more corrupt than John Mahama, so if you are a normal person, why are you worried about Mahama being the right presidential candidate for the NDC when the NPP has so many problems that are threats to the party's winning any elections in the country?

The majority of Ghanaians are now very angry with Akufo Addo after implementing the E-Levy. They feel disappointed, lied to, and deceived. Unfortunately, they can’t show that anger as they did to Mahama because everybody is afraid.

Therefore, I will advise Ghanaians, writers, organizations, and others who think Mahama’s second coming is a threat to the party’s future not to be worried. They should take it as an advantage for the NPP to jubilate about it because all their efforts and hypocrisy to change people’s minds about Mahama will not work.

Ghanaians, including tribal folks, can continue to hate John Mahama, but his intelligence and efficiency as one of the best Ghanaian leaders after Kwame Nkrumah can never be taken away from him; that’s why he will always remain a threat to any political party in Ghana.

Columnist: Joel Savage