The systematic abuse of power in colonial Africa

Colonial Era.png Black people were used as transport in the colonial era

Sat, 15 Jan 2022 Source: Joel Savage

During the colonial era in Africa, the masters often take respect accorded by black people to them as fear. Based on this misconception that black people fear them, they abused their power horrifically and inhumanly without regret or remorse.

However, the myth that a black man fears a white man is total nonsense. Europeans scrambled over Africa with sheer brutality and aggression, subduing Africans; therefore, they were too vulnerable and powerless to react.

The same abuse and oppression of black people exist today, in many European countries and the United States of America. If not for the Black Lives Matter demonstration after George Floyd's death, there will still be statues commemorating key figures that committed horrible crimes against humanity during slavery and the colonial era.

The fathers of independence, such as Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana and Patrice Lumumba of Congo, have no fear for the British and Belgium governments.

They gained independence for their countries but because Britain and Belgium fear them, Nkrumah was removed from power in a coup masterminded by the CIA, and Patrice Lumumba was assassinated in a plot conceived by the Belgian government.

In Apartheid South Africa, Steve Biko, Nelson Mandela, and his colleagues had no fear for the minority Apartheid leaders. Despite the force of brutality, they unleashed, maimed, and opened fire on protesting defenseless South Africans; they murdered Steve Biko and put other ANC key members, including Nelson Mandela behind bars for twenty-seven years because they fear them.

When it comes to crime, there are many white criminals out there, as well as black criminals but the black man is always given a second look because of the color of his skin. Just being black makes you a suspect. In the United States of America, black drivers are constantly stopped and harrassed than white motorists.

In Belgium, being Africans among white workers, all eyes were on us as suspects when sandwiches have been missing every time from the dining hall. The atmosphere becomes tense when on the fifth day of the week; one of the workers finds his food stolen again.

This time, the management decides to do something about it. They secretly started their investigations, creating undetected hideout aiming to catch the person responsible for this theft red-handed.

The following week, about a quarter to noonday, a mysterious man emerged into the quiet dining hall, looking for a meal to steal. After tasting several meals, he finds a delicious one and he took it. As he tries to walk out he was intercepted.

Shockingly, out of hundreds of workers at the company, the mysterious thief appeared to be one of our colleagues from Portugal. The sandwich thief was Portuguese, not an African.

The need to respect all race

It is wrong to take the respect someone gives as a fear to treat him very badly. Many enjoy being racist, some people like to discriminate against black people calling them degrading names but the question is what do racists get from hate? They get nothing significant than violence and the destruction of properties.

Who lives forever, and what makes you think your color is better than someone when there is a big difference between the color white and real black? If white people's color is white like white paper, I think everyone who sees them will run to hide somewhere in fear.

Respect doesn’t mean fear, therefore, those that have that sick mentality should begin to dismantle them from their brain because racial problems have caused too much death and violence and without respect to other races, there will never be peace on earth.

Columnist: Joel Savage