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The unforgetting and unforgiving people

John Mahama New Blue 3.png John Dramani Mahama, Ex-President

Sun, 18 Sep 2022 Source: Rockson Adofo

They variously call themselves Christians, Muslims, Idol worshippers, or atheists, yet they are unforgiving lots. They have created a vast space in their individual hearts to hold grudges against those they perceive to be their enemies. However, the central core of every faith or religion is forgiveness and loving your neighbour as yourself.

It has been the observation of, and pronouncement by, former President John Dramani Mahama that the ensemble of Ghanaians has a short memory, thus, they easily forget whatever happens to them, or happens in the country, whether sweet or sour.

I stand to be corrected if I assert that the former president was wrong in his supposition. This is because of the unforgetting and unforgiving attitude of our brothers and sisters in both the former and present Volta region, thus, former Trans Volta Togoland.

They have always remembered the alleged insult of inward-looking they erroneously believe to have been tagged on them by the late member of parliament and presidential candidate on the ticket of Popular Front Party (PFP), Victor Owusu (Hon). This accusation of being inward-looking was banter directed solely at the late Gbedemah when arguing with him on the floor of parliament.

However, when it was misunderstood and taken as an insult against the entire Voltarian tribe, Victor Owusu retracted his statement and apologized profusely to the entire Voltarians (Ewes and Anlos). This incident happened over four decades (forty years) ago, yet, the Voltarians always painfully remind themselves of it to keep burning their flame of anger against the Ashantis, the tribe of Victor Owusu.

By the unforgetting pain they hold in their heart, they have resolutely determined never to vote in their majority for any political party that has its leader as Akan, or the majority of its members being Ashantis or Akans. No wonder that they have a distaste for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), the metamorphosed PFP.

Additionally, and lately, Kennedy Agyapong (Hon), the member of parliament for Assin Central was invited to the climaxing and rounding off of the annual yam festival celebrations by the Asogli Traditional Area in the Volta region. He reached there only to be humiliated. He was booed with the chanting of “away, away”. His gifts presented to the Asogli Council or the organisers of the festival were scornfully rejected by the Overlord of Asogli traditional area, Togbe Afede XIV.

I understand Kennedy had once accused Togbe Afede XIV of corruption. If that was his reason for ordering the rejection of the gifts by Kennedy with the ensuing boos of “away, away”, then I will say without mincing words the traditional Overlord had acted childishly. Chasing Kennedy out of the festival ground does neither pacify the chief in any way nor does it exonerate him from blame if indeed, he had involved himself in any corrupt practices as is said to be alleged by altruist Kennedy Agyapong.

The chief could have taken Kennedy to court if he felt injured by his allegation of corruption against him to clear his name. Chasing him out of a festival ground does not remove any stain attached to him as a result of that correct or false allegation.

This publication is meant to question my fellow Ghanaians in the Ewe-Anlo land about why they are that unforgiven and unforgettable to their own detriment?

When it comes to general elections, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) keep drumming into their ears what Victor Owusu said about them to ignite their anger. Subsequently, they decide to not vote for the NPP, although they may stand a better chance of getting their region developed if they had voted massively for the NPP.

Is it not utter stupidity on anyone’s part to say, “Opoku nnfa ne nkun, me dware a me ho mpae?” to wit, “If it’s by Opoku that I can be saved or prospered, I will rather prefer suffering to have anything doing with him”. This is the mentality of most Voltarians hence the chronic underdevelopment they are faced with.

Nonetheless, the NDC politicians who constantly keep opening their old warts as against the saying, “Don’t open old warts because they hurt”, do absolutely nothing for them once they get elected. Is that not an irresponsible attitude on the part of my brothers and sisters in the Volta region?

Why are you allowing your long memory bordering on the hold of grudge against others to hold you back?

Former President Mahama must understand that it is not all Ghanaians that have a short memory. The Voltarians have a long memory but unfortunately, for bad reasons.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo