Woyome Saga, Bature Is Lying, No Top US Lawyer lauds Ruling People

Mon, 23 Mar 2015 Source: Sarpong, Justice

It is a well known fact that, Alhaji Bature, who is the Editor of this useless Ndc praise singing newspaper has been a beneficiary of the Woyome stolen money and he will amain everything in his power to defend him even if it meant creating a phantom email from an American lawyer to do as he did in his article titled;

"Woyome Saga: Top US Lawyer lauds ruling...predicts appeal will fail" which appeared on ghanaweb site on 03/20/15.

According to Bature, he saw email to Woyome sent to him by this 'important' American Lawyer.

"In an email to the former Honorary Consul of Austria to Ghana, Mr Woyome, and gleaned by The aL-hAJJ, Mr Michael Farrell sided with former Commissioner of the Commission on Human Right and Administration, Justice Emile Short, and the others who thought the AG's decision to appeal the ruling of Fast Track High Court would yield to naught."

I doubt very much and I can go ahead and say with every confidence in my body that there was no email sent to Woyome as alluded in this article by Bature and if indeed there was a email from one Micheal J Farrell, it might be from the Comedian by name Micheal Farrell of the Saturday night fame and not from the Former President Reagan's appointee to an obscure commission as a Deputy Commissioner. You might be asking yourself why I am so sure about this and I can assure you that, the information provided by Bature about this Michael J. Farrell is false.

First, Bature in his collywobbles because he might be asked by Woyome to cough up some spondulics to settle his debt to the good people of Ghana is doing everything to pay Woyome in good defensive articles. According to Bature, the said Michael J. Farrel was a Reagan campaign manager.

"Mr J. Michael Farrell, who is a former campaign Manager of America's 40th President, Ronald Reagan, and now Board Chairman of the US Air Force Academy, described Justice John Ajet-Nasam's judgment in the controversial Ghc51m judgement debt as "detailed and well-reasoned."

This prattling nitwit Bature, sorry for my dysphemism, I can't help it when it comes to stomach Journalists who have sold their conscience for political money instead of allowing their conscience to be their secret police and do the right thing. When was Micheal Farrell the campaign manager of Ronald Reagan?

In 1976 when Reagan ran in the Republican Primary trying to win the Republican Presidential slot against the then President Ford, his campaign manager was called John Sears.

William Casey managed Ronald Reagan's campaign in 1980 that defeated President Carter.It was Ed Rollins who managed the 1984 re-election campaign of President Reagan so this useless toilet paper should tell us when Farrell managed Reagan's campaign.

This Bature did not end his lies about this Michael J. Farrell, he continued to embellish this guy's RESUME for him to be too important than what he really is. He went on and wrote this;

"While congratulating the business magnate and his legal team, Mr Michael Farrell, who was Campaign Manager for President Ronald Reagan and also Chairman of the Panama Canal Committee and Deputy Chief of Staff during part of President Bush's (Snr) regime, said the prosecution's case against Mr. Woyome was driven by politics, adding, an appeal was unsustainable."

Is Bature that stupid? Is he telling us he got all this information from the guy's email to Woyome? Did Michael J. Farrell write that he was Deputy Chief of Staff during part of President Bush's (Snr) regime,? I don't think so because he was not. These are the People who were deputy chief of staff during that time;

George H. W. Bush Administration

Andrew Card, Deputy Chief of Staff, 1989–1992

Henson Moore, Deputy Chief of Staff, 1992

Robert Zoellick, Deputy Chief of Staff, 1992–1993

It makes you wonder if this Farrell really gave this opinion and I don't believe Mr Farrell embellished his RESUME .

I don't want Bature, Woyome and Ndc apologists to waste readers time arguing about maybe this man was Deputy Chief of Staff in second George Bush or the 43rd President, George W. Bush administration so here too are the Deputy Chief of Staffs during Junior Bush administration

George W. Bush Administration

Joe Hagin, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, 2001–2008

Joshua Bolten, Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy, 2001–2003

Harriet Miers, Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy, 2003–2005

Karl Rove, Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy, 2005–2007

Joel Kaplan, Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy, 2006–2009

Blake Gottesman, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, 2008–2009

Now, can the Al-Hajj newspaper come again and tell us if this phantom email was from Lawyer Michael J. Farrell or is it from Michael Farrell of Saturday night fame who will quip like this;

Will Ferrell as (George W. Bush): ... it seems that liberals and godless tax raisers are trying to make me look bad, by using such things as facts ... and scientific data ... From SNL (Saturday Night Live)

Alhaji Bature, Woyome saga is not a comedy and you will do yourself a lot of good if you will stop writing fiction as a non fiction or you better join the circus, you are really a piece of work, Bature.

Justice Sarpong


Columnist: Sarpong, Justice