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Those playing the Ostrich can't intimidate us by their 'reckless condemnations' - Agalga

Former Deputy Minister of Interior in the erstwhile John Mahama administration, Hon. James Agalga says the attempt by some civil society groups to reduce “bloody widow” placards raised by the Minority in Parliament into a gender debate to make the Minority appear as gender bias will not wash.

He explained that Hon. Lydia Seyram Alhassan, being the principal beneficiary of the violence that characterized the election, is one fact which cannot be controverted even if she was not the one who ordered those armed goons to unleash the violence.

“So on that score, I will disagree that the woman did not do anything wrong. Even if she did not, one cannot run away from the fact that she benefited from the lawlessness that ensued at the elections; she is the principal beneficiary and so you cannot run away from the fact her hands are tainted with the blood of the 8 people who were shot at,” he insisted.

Speaking on Radio Gold’s weekend political show 'Alhaji and Alhaji', the Builsa North lawmaker maintained that “even the President cannot run away from that fact because it is under his watch that those armed goons were unleashed to commit those atrocities”.

“Bryan Acheampong’s hands are tainted with the blood of 8 people who were shot at without any provocation. So is Hon. Lydia Seyram Alhassan. Why do we have to play ostrich and not say what is obvious? So the truth of the matter is that, those voices of conscience who rather than condemn the brutalities on the day of the election found it convenient to descend on people like us should revise their notes...”, he opined.

He fumed that “we are not going to be intimidated by those reckless condemnations. We are resolute and firm, convinced in our minds that the actions we took were legitimate; were clearly in tandem with acceptable Parliamentary procedure, so let them go back into history.”

He, however, warned those who are planning to cite the Minority for contempt, to first deal with the motion he had filed, which sort to cite the then Minority (now Majority) for contempt, for tagging former President Mahama as a “stealer”, before they address the issue of “bloody widow” placards brandished in Parliament during the swearing-in of Hon. Lydia Alhassan.

Source: peacefmonline.com
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