To cast their ballots in the 2024 elections, Ghanaians must refrain from accepting any kind of bribe

Casting A Vote In Ghana 97 Casting a vote in Ghana

Fri, 12 Aug 2022 Source: Joel Savage

A nation's political and economic future will be severely harmed if money is used to influence people's voting decisions. Ghana sees a lot of this crime, but the forthcoming general election will make it worse.

Even though election fraud and irregularities have the capacity to make everyday Ghanaians' life worse, desperate politicians in Ghana today don't care about criminality in politics.

Free and fair elections are extremely uncommon in Africa because of the level of political corruption there. Politicians in Africa no longer place much importance on the welfare of common citizens. Many African leaders still violate the law, using their position of authority and threats to deprive common citizens who are waiting in the blazing sun to cast their ballots.

People in several African nations no longer trust the governing authorities. Even though they lack solutions for the issues facing the average person, they will go to any lengths during elections to rig the results, either by boosting or lowering the support of rival candidates. It is rather typical to witness defunct ruling parties bribing normal citizens to cast their votes for them.

These unauthorized attempts to influence the outcome of elections have a variety of negative effects that could happen in any nation. What happened in the 2020 elections is a perfect illustration of the kind of tragedy that has become Ghana's worst nightmare. The people of Ghana must not believe the election fraud is ended because a corrupt administration doesn't relinquish power easily, history is prone to repeating itself.

Many Ghanaians protested John Mahama's administration and charged him with corruption. Like other African presidents, the former president erred. However, no Ghanaian leader after him has ever challenged the competition in his development programs. The accomplishments of John Mahama are never and will never be taken into consideration in a nation where tribalism is valued more highly than development.

The current administration has amassed so much debt that the economy is no longer able to recover. Surprisingly, a portion of the Ghanaian media, journalists, and writers seem unconcerned with the current political catastrophe in progress and the nation's crumbling economy.

Don't be fooled, though; Ghana's political nightmare is far from over, even though the fact that the country possesses a wealth of resources, including gold, bauxite, lumber, cocoa, oil, and more. The desperate and ineffective NPP administration won't easily relinquish power in 2024. They may then bribe common Ghanaians at that time.

Any Ghanaian who is persuaded by money to support a political party in the nation has purchased his or her inevitability because a good government cannot manage a nation by giving bribes to secure votes. Therefore, refuse any present, such as bags of rice or sugar, despite how difficult it may be for regular Ghanaians to resist temptation.

Foods that dishonest politicians frequently give to the public in an effort to secure votes will only be useful to you for a limited time. A capable leader who will improve the nation for them and the following generation is needed by intelligent Ghanaians. Stay away from trading your future for any of these lures, including cash to wreck the nation and your future.

Columnist: Joel Savage